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After the good execution of the following tasks:
1. Steamboat loading
2. Walking the Parade
3. Making Somersaults
4. Steamboat unloading
5. Climbing Roofs
6. Crawling Chimneys
7. Delivering Presents
8. Character throwing

did pass for the Practicum examination part
belonging to the Children Petes Diploma,
as is created by the Sint-en-Santa.eu team.

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Chairman: Sint Nicolaas                        

1e Commity member: Head Pete                       Handtekening Hoofd-Piet

2e Commity member: Gym Pete                     Handtekening Gym-Piet

3e Commity member: education Pete             Handtekening Onderwijs-Piet


Above you can see the Petes Diploma Practicum-part,
together with the Petes Diploma Theory-part
is that the entire Petes Diploma (for children).
As that is composed by theSint en Santa.eu team

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Children Petes Diploma

Especially fun to do with small children who love to be in action.
You can plot a course where children have to do certain activities. Such as making somersaults and throwing packs in a chimney. And of course afterwards they get a Petes diploma.
For schools it is also fun to organise a Petes diploma examination on a very nice trail set in the gym.
It can also be done around the parade of Saint Nicholas.
Below are a number of activities described that you can do
It totally depends on the organisation (and the time and space and the number of children), how many of the activities they want the child to do for the diploma.

Explanation of the total design:

At gym class:
(Put if possible at each activity a supervisor)
Split the children in groups, and divide these groups over the activities.
Let them move an activity each time (from 1 to 2 etc, of the latter to number 1, until they have had all the activities.

At a Free Acces activity (e.g. play-afternoon at a Sinterklaas Parade):
Put at each activity 1 or 2 supervisors!
Split the first children (starters) in groups (preferably at least one group less as there are activities) and divide them over the activities, beginning with 1. Children that arive later are also placed in a group (or moregroups) and can start with the activites that are still free.
After a certain time limit the groups have to move to the next activity.
Has a group already done the last activety but not yet done all activities, then let this group continue with activety 1.
Because you will also get new children at a later time, you let them in Groups begin in the activities that are still free, if ther are no more free activities then let them start with activity 1.
If there are any late starter-groups thats need to start at activity 1 and there are also already 'running' groups(and more) who need to do number 1 still, then let the late startersgroups and the 'runners groups' move in on activity 1 turn by turn, so the groups need never wait long to wait.

Explanation of the activities:

First of all a not for the Supervisors a task is never failt ! It's done "low" = not reached the goal, done good =reached the goal, or done excellent = done more as the goal. Some actvities do have no fixed goal, they are always good or excellent :wink: .
1. Loading the Steamer (In Spain).
For example, use a mat as the shore and a bench just a few feet away as the railing of the boat.
Place 2 children in the boat and the other children in a row on the shore and let them one by one throw a pack or bag from shore to ship. If a pack or bag falls into 'the water' then the pack must go back to the shore. When the group has managed to get four packs from shore to the boat then the can got to the next activity.

2. Walking the Parade.
Let the kids in walk in a box along the public or waiting children, and act as if they are Petes during a Parade. So waving, and shaking hands, talking to the children etc..
This let the tension down for the acting children, it shortens the time for waiting groups. And, also nice, you have no special materials needed.

3. Making Somersaults
Of course do the petes also weird stunts during the Parade and thus they are also making somersaults. If necessary, with a little help.

4. Unloading the steamboat (in your Hometown).
Take a mat again for the shore and a bench as railing of the boat. Connect the boat with the shore wich an up-side-down bench or balance beam (gangway). Put the children on a row in the boat and let them carry packs or bags over the gangway to shore. When four packs/bags did reach the shore "dry" the task is succesfull done.

5. Over the rooftops jumping or climbing.
Each kid takes a present and jumps from mat to mat. At the end they climb over an Gymnastic atribute and then run back to the starting point. The present should not fall on the floor!

6. Walking over the roof and creeping down the chimney.
Give the kids a parcel and let them walk with it oh a flipped bench or balance beam (roof). Then they crawl through a hoop (chimney). Then they walk on the following up-side-down bench (balance beam) back to the starting point. Then the next child can start.

7. Throw presents in the chimney and walk over the roof.
The children run with a present or packet in thei hands across a bench (roof) and then throwing the packet in a basket or box (chimney). Walk back over the bench and then the next kid may. If the throwing into the basket fails they can go back in line and give it another try. If all kids did succeed and time is not op then let them do it again untill time is up.

8. Throwing characters
For example, lay (call it 'throw') marbles on the ground in the form of a Capital Character. The Kids in a group can do this together at the same time. One character done andstill time? Try another capital character.

Would you like to give the kids also a nicety, because gifts are part of Saint Nicholas feast? Then you can look for some nice small treats/gifts which can be given as a reward for their Petes Diploma practicum part.

Source refering:
The ‘Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus archive - Sinterklaas en Kerstman archief’ from J.W. Koning

Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, Info- and Booking Center Westerkwartier - Sint en Santa, Info- en Boeking Centrale Westerkwartier