Head of Sinterklaas

Head of Sinterklaas

Head of Amerigo

Undersigned declare that:

,       Residing in :

With a score of :   did pass for the Theory examination part
belonging to the Children Petes Diploma,
as is created by the team.
the Staff
the Big Book
See the moon shines

shoes by the heard

Stack packs

Thus done on:

Signature graduate:

Examination commity:                             Signatures:

Chairman: Sint Nicolaas                        

1e Commitymember: Prof Pete                       Handtekening Prof-Piet

2e Commitymember: Librarian Pete     Handtekening Biblothecaris-Piet

3e Commitymember: Education Pete             Handtekening Onderwijs-Piet

Piet vult schoen
Schoorsteen Allemaal cadeautjes         Speculaaspop

Above you can see the Petes Diploma Theory-part,
together with the Petes Diploma Practicum-part
is that the entire Petes Diploma (for children).
As that is composed by theSint en team

Go back to the Theory-examination

Unfortunately we don't get to the parchment paper (background)
to be delivered via the PC, so so the diploma is printed without background.
You can print the background yourself, along with the Diploma,
if you change this option (Printing Background) in your Broser

Via the button "Print this page" you can print out this page with the diploma.
Choose in the print window that then comes, the option to print only page 1.
Otherwise cut off the bottom along the green line,
and don't forget to put down your own signature
without it, the diploma is not valid!
And ready is your Petes Diploma Theory-part.

Will you now go also to an organisation near you home (or on your school)
to join the Petes Diploma practicum exam?

Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, Info- and Booking Center - Sint en Santa, Info- en Boeking Centrale Westerkwartier