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Some time ago the very old gentleman J.W. Koning was alowed to visit Santa Claus in Santa Ville and while beïng there, he also did visit the Librarian-Elf in Santa's Libary.
It was there that he did see the Big Questions and Answers Book of Santa Claus. In that book you can find all the questions that children (an adult persons) frequently did asked on Santa Claus.
The Librarian-Elf written all those questions neatly in that Book and mostcareful and accurate he did wrote the answers next to them. Sometimes he did combine several questions (and their answers), this to give a clearer answer to those questions.
With a very special permission from Santa Claus, J.W.Koning was alowed to copy some of those questions and answers for his Archive and he also was alowed to place some of these Questions and their Answers here on our site. He did select around a 100 of them. To protect the privacy of the children we have their names not at the questions. And there are many children who had asked the same questions, so then there should be a whole bunch of names whit each question. Does a question looks very much or exactly on yours? Well, then it is very likely your question or your question is processed in this question.
On this kids page we did let the Elfs do some grafical magic on the mouse-cursor.
Seems to us, the children would like it.

Below you can see the Questions. For the Answer, just mouse-click (left) on the questions and the answer will appear.
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001. Does Santa Claus really exist?
Santa Claus exists

It makes Santa Claus aways very sad when there are children who dought his existence. Ofcourse he really does exist! He is as real as snow on the roofs, as pretty paper around the presents, and as the red nose from Rudoph!
Why else would there be every year all those thousends of presents in stockings by the fireplaces and under the Christmas tree with our names on them?
And as long as there are adults and children who do believe that the real Santa Claus does exist, then there will be a real existing Santa Claus, that is something he did (and does) promise us.

002. How did Santa Claus come into existance? Or how did he got the job of beïng Santa Claus?

Long, long time ago (at least a couple of centuries before the year 1 on our calendar), the people dis celibrate the Yule festival and thhey believed in a Yule-man who did visit them around midwintertime. It was in fact a pre-christian (paegant) god or one of the 'Firstborn Ones' (most likely a Fairy). These onces were there to take care of the world and his wereld and to protect the Flora (flowers, trees a.s.o.) and Fauna (Animals). This Yule-man did not bring presents, but was insted offered food and drinks.
In the first centuries from our Christian Calendar, the Yule-festival was changed into the religious Christmasfestival. Therefore the Yule-man did not appear anymore. In some European countries the people still wanted to be visited around Christmas-time by a 'magical' person, and so there appeared Father Christmas/Père Noël/der Weihnachtsmann/de Kerstman, all different names for One-and-the-same Figur. This Figur is therefore older as Saint Nicholas. The people did/do believe that this Father Christmas was/is an Elf. He did get help from other Elfs and from Gnomes (=Wichtels=Nisses), especialy a Gnome breed that was strongly related to the dwarfs. Gnome=Gnoom is spoken as "NOOM". In those days this Father Christmas did aso not bring presents, but he did bring the "Spirit of Christmas".

When the Saint Nicholaaas legends came to Western-Europe the Father Christmas Figur did move to the background in many of the West-Europian countries. Somewhere in the end of the years 1700 in Amerika the legends about Father Christmas got mixed with the legends about Saint Nicholas. The people still wanted the Sacndinavian Yuleman/English Father Christmast to visit them but with a gifts bringing habit just like Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). Where the Yule-man had a lack of time, and Father Christmas was feeling to old for the job, and because it was to far to travel each year for Saint Nicholas, therefore the FirstBorns and Old Fairies (like Mother Earth=Vrouw Holle, the Forrest King=Oak King=Yule-man, King Winter=Holly King=Jack Frost, Klaas Vaak=the Sandman, Father Time, the ToothFairy and some others) did look for somebody who (according to them) would be able to do this job in a good, decend and jolly way. And so the Figur of Santa Claus became created. And as helpers he did got descendants of the helpers of Father Christmas. This Santa Claus is not an Elf himself and also no Gnome, but he is a human (it is believed that the first Santa was a nephew from Saint Nicholas) who's livetime can be expanded by Elf magic. The Old-Fairies did deliberatly choose a human for this job, because the thoughts, feelings (and thus their wishes) of humans can be the best understood by another human. And they gave this human the Gift of a shareble Spirit of Christmas so that he can spread spirit this among the other humans.
Because Santa Claus is the successor of Father Christmas with simmilair helpers as Father Christmas, People did call him at first Father Christmas also, and/or Père Noël and/or Weihnachtsmann. Imn Santa Claus they are all One-and-the-same Person again now.

from Father Christmas to Santa Claus
003. Is Santa unhappy over the competition with Jesus about the attention around Christmas?

No! And for a very simple reason. There is no Competition! Fact is, that with his presents Santa Claus wants us to remind the presents the Wise men from the East brought for that one Special Child. The Spirit of Christmas is all about to remember the people that Jesus was born and to remember his message that one has to be good for his neighbors and fellowmen and to live in peace with them. And that if we all teach our children, that giving makes happier as taking and that helping makes happier as allways wanting to be the number one, that such behaviour will be the first step on the path to real peace.

004a. Does Santa Claus live on the Northpole? And why?

Well we have to give some facts before we give the final answer.
In the old days the people knew that the Yule man and Father Christmas (der Weihnachtsmann) came from the High North, from the Great Forrests nearby the polarcircle. When the first Santa Claus started visiting the people, on request of the Fairies, he also did live in those woods ("Von drausen aus den Walder da komme ich her" says the German Weihnachtsmann ever still ("From outside, out of the woods/forrests, that's where I come from"). But when he did start to use reindeers for his sleigh, he had to go live much more to the North, on the tundra’s of Lapland, because reindeers don't like to live in the woods. And so Santa Claus lives most of the time of the year in Lapland on the Tundras, except for vacations AND !! except for DECEMBER.
Among the Gnomes there are several breeds/tripes, such as Wood-Gnomes who live in the big woods and inthe old forrests, the Home- and Garden-Gnomes (Heinzelmanchen/Nisse/Gartenzwerg) who like to live near humans, and so you have also the SnowGnomes who love to live in areas with lots of snow. The SnowGnomes are the longest breed among the Gnomes. Were the other Gnomes are between 10-40 cm hight, the SnowGnomes, due to their relations with the dwarf are 60-120 cm hight. With their bigger bodies they are better equiped against the cold and due to their higher length they can also beter walk through to snow. For a Gnome with 18 cm Hight, a layer of snow 15 cm thick would reachup until his neck and on the Northpole the snowlayer is often more as 25 cm. Because of their Length the Snow-Gnomes are often mistaken to be Cobolds, but they are realy real Gnomes!
Snowgnomes get their magic from fresh fallen snowcrystals and from a special Lichen which only grows in Polartemperatures. That's why these SnowGnomes are living in a hidden Gnomes-village (Polar City) near the Northpole. The SnowGnomes were the Gnomes who offered Santa their help by the toymaking and that is why Santa Claus in december lives in Polar City near the Northpole were the SnowGnomes live. This way he can check the lists with names and the Presents and check of there is the correct present for everybody. This keeps him very busy those last weeks before Christmas.
There is another reason why Santa in December lives near the Northpole and that has to do with the delivery of the presents, but that will be explained in the answer on another question (question 69).
Santa himself often says (with a wink): "I live near the Northpole, because I'm allergic to penquins, they are very funny animals, but they make me sneeze. Because they live on the southpole, I live on the Northpole." The penguins do like this joke so much, that everytime they hear it, they slide controles by laughing of the iceplates. (Don't you get the joke?? First Santa says he wants to live as far away from the penquins as possible: North pole <> South pole. But they know he likes pequins very much. Second: Penguins do not create dust, skinrests or feathers that can make one sneeze. It's Santa's way to hide te reason why he lives on the Northpole in december. (Ho, hoh hoo! )

004b. Does he allways live on the Northpole?

No, he lives only in December on the Northpole, the rest of the year he lives in different houses on several places.
In januari and februari he lives with the Nisse in Uummannaq on Greenland (This is a part of the Kingdom of Danmark). Why he lives there, Santa did not wanted to tell us. (But we think that he is there on vacation).
In the spring and in the summer and a part of the autumn, he is tracking with the reindeers in Lapland (which runs from the top of Norway through Zweden and Finland up and till in the top of Rusia). He has a home in all three scandinavian countries, so that he can track with (and be with) his reindeers over the tundra’s. For example, in Zweden he has a home in the region of Dalarna, but most of the time he does live in Santa Ville. That Elf-village is near by the Korvatunturi Fell (the Earmountain). Where this mountain exactly is, is not know to Humans. Most likely near the border between Zweden and Finland. We do know it is situated north to the northpolecircle. An everything North to this circle is considered to be the Northpole.

Santa lives there in a beautifull elf village (Santa Ville), which only can be found if you know where the entranceport is. And you must have had a small portion of the Elfs magic powder. (This makes you forget how you did come there. So you never come uninvited).
And why does he lives close to the Korvatunturi Fell? Well, there is almost no person who does come there and therefore the Elfs can work on the care for and the training of the reindeers without any disturbance. And ofcourse the reindeer do like it a lot in Lapland. They love the temperature there.
At the end of the Autumn Santa travels together with a group of Elfs regular back and forth between the Gnomesvillage near the Northpole and the Elfvillage in Lapland. This way he can prepair everything for the winter.
Besides this does Santa have yet another house in Finland. This house is located in Rovaniemi. Close to the Santa Village the Fins did build there. (Note: Santa Village is not Santa Ville!!) In Santa Village you can also find his office. children (young and old) can visit him there. And ofcourse you can take a foto of yourself and Santa Claus.

The places where Santa Claus does live
005. In what type of house does Santa lives?

In Polar City he lives in a firm wooden Nissehouse (Kind of scandinavian farm with lots of rounded and low rooftops, which make them look on upsidedown vikingships), a house that is partly build in the ground and the snow. Due to his bended rooftops the house can stand the polarstorms and because the bottomhalf is build in the ground is it very easy to keep it warm and cosy. In Santa Ville he lives in a real Finian Farmershouse which the Elfs inside and outside have decorated with lots of their woodcarving.

One of the houses of Santa Claus
Santa's huis in Santa Ville
006. Is Santa Claus a Saint? (Santa=Saint?? ) and if yes, why?

No, Santa Claus is not a saint, the part Santa does come from Saint, from one of his familynames, namely StNicholas. (spoken in German language is that 'Sankt Nikolaus'= Sankt Claus), were it later became Santa insted of Sankt because Santa has a much friendlier sound.
One could say: Today Santa Claus is the name (title) of his job. He can have the name Nicholas St Nicholas or Kris Kringle or another and he is Santa Claus. Just like for example a mister John Johnsen can be a Mayor, then they would say: "Look, there comes the Mayor" and not "Look, there comes John Johnsen". So also "Look, there comes Santa (Claus)".

007. Does Santa Claus have a Christian name? And what is his Familyname?

Santa Claus has several christian names, most of the time he prefers to be called Claus (from Nicholas), but he listen also to the names Christoffer (Kriss), Nick (Nicholas) or Noël, they are also official registrated. His familyname is St.Nicholas, but in the U.S.A. and in Germany the familyname Kringle is also registrated.
Next to several Christian names and several Familynames, Santa has also several Jobnames (titles) So you may call him: Santa Claus, but also, Nicholas (Nick) St.Nicholas or Kriss Kringle and also Father Christmas, Père Noël, Weihnachtsmann and 'de Kerstman'.

008. Is Santa Claus allways so jolly? If yes, why? Are there times that he is sad?

Santa Claus is so jolly because off the 'Christmas Spirit' (Christmas Joy) he has. Note for example at normal people and how jolly they became by the thought of Christmas, So how jolly would one be if one is overloaded with Christmas spirit.
But sometimes Santa Claus is indeed sad or tired. This happends when people do bad things. And if peopledo not believe anymore in the Spirit of Christmas and everything that belongs to that or if they want to have nothing to do with Christmas anymore, then that will make Santa very tired.

Christmas Star
009. Can the Magic of Santa (and/or the Spirit of Christmnas) weaken and decrease or even stop to exist?

Pitty enough, yes it can!! When in the whole world there would be no one anymore who does believe in the Spirit of Christmas, no one who is willing to make something special from Christmas, no one who is willing to do something kind to his fellowman, if there is not one child anymore that does believe in Santa Claus, Yes, then the flame of 'Christmas Spirit' will weaken and eventually even extinguish and than Santa Claus will stop existing.
But there will be a Santa Claus and he will stay existing, as long as there are children (and adults) who believe in his existence and as long as there are (young and old) people who want to keep the 'Spirit of Christmas' alive.

010. Can the Magic of Christmas grow stronger for Santa?

Oh yes, Sure! Every time a child (or an adult) says loud "I believe in the 'Christmas Spirit'" or "I believe in Father Christmas" or "I believe in Santa Claus", and when they deep inside do really mean that, then that will not only strengthen the power of the 'Christmas Spirit', but it will straightway spread a little of the magic of Christmas around them.
You can see that on the faces of the people who are with them on that moment, they will have a smile on their faces and often behave jolly.

011. Why does Santa Claus look like an old man?
And why does he look much younger as Saint Nicholas?
Het hoofd van Santa Claus

Santa Claus does look like an old man because in fact he is an old man (older as 100 years) and he looks much younger as Saint Nicholas, because he is much younger as Saint Nicholas.

012. How old is Santa Claus really? And why is Santa Claus so old?

How old Santa Claus is, is a little bit difficult to determine.
It started with Father Christmas/Père Noël/der Weihnachtsmann and they do exist for centuries now (from before the 3th century), so by that calculation he would be at least 1700 years old.
Much later the Job was taken care of by Santa Claus, and he is doing so since the beginning of the years 1700, so by that calculation he would be around 300 years old.
And still no correct solution, becasue Santa Claus is not a Saint and therefore does not have everlasting live. He also in not one of the Old-Fairies (like the first Father Christmas is) and also not a Newborn-Elf (as his helpers are), but a Human lik us. Therefore he can not live several hundreds of years, and he will retire at the latest when he turns 100 according to his human age. Since he must be at least 25 years old before he could become Santa, a Santa can be Santa for up to 75 years.Not every Santa completes those 75 years, some because they were older when they started, others because they quit earlier.
Yet every Santa is an old man, because the Elfs told us that every Santa Claus must be older as 100 year, because according to the Elf laws, only then he would be an adult. And therefore only then have the rights to lead the other Elfs and Gnomes. They have the following solution for that: Every new Santa Claus, when he starts as Santa, wil age 100 Elfyears above his previous human age. Suppose, his human age before he became Santa Claus, was 40 years, then as Santa Claus he would be 140 years. And that age he will keep as long as he is Santa Claus is. If Santa stops beeing Santa Claus (retirement or other reason) then he gets his human age back, suppose he was 30 when he started and he stops after 50 years, then as Santa Claus he is 130 years and then he starts again as a human at age 80 and a year is added every year.
How old the present Santa (the 25th Santa) is nobody would tell us.
Anyway, it is clear that Santa Claus is allways between 125 and 200 years old and therefore he is always older as your grandfather's father or your grandmother's mother would be.
And that is exactly the answer the Elfs did give us.

013. Does Santa get older? If yes, how? And does he retire?

Wat do we know already? Every Santa Claus can have a long live due to the Elfmagic, and that he does not get older as long as he is Santa Claus.
Okay, the Elfs alowed us to ad the following: Yes, Santa Claus does retire at sometime. When? That depends on several things. Santa Claus can feel himself to tired, to old or to sad, to be Santa Claus any longer, or he can have had an accident a.s.o.. In that case he can appoint a successor and then the old Snat retires on his own free will.
But Santa Claus is bound to rerire when he reaches the point where as s human he would become 100 years (That was already a custom with Father Christmas), then he is obliged to choose a successor. (If he can't or won't, then the Old-Fairies will do it!). This is done so Santa will always have a 'feel and understanding' for the things from the 'new times'. A retiring Santa Claus is obligated to give his work, his knowhow, his skils, his names and almost all of his 'Christmas Spirit' to his successor, his own human spark of "Christmas Spirit" he may keep. This passing the job on can be done to a son, grandson or nephew (if he has them), but it can also be to another suitable candidate. A suitable candidate must allways have a human spark of 'Christmas Spirit' of his self, otherwise he/she can not be a suitable candidate. This passing on of the Santa Claus-job is normaly done in the periode between Epiphany and All Saint's Day. The old Santa Claus will then retire. The new Santa Claus wil steadely age in the learning period until Christmas Eve (due to the Elf magic) and learn all Santa Claus-knowhow he needs. In this time he age around a 100 years older as he was before.
Santa Claus is alowed to appoint a temporary successor, for example when he is ill. This temporary successor will temporary get all knowhow and skils of Santa Claus (therefore being a real Santa) but he will keep his own age. There is still the official Santa who can lead and direct the Elfs and Gnomes.
So yes, an old Santa Claus does retire, But then there instantaneously there is a new one. If a Santa Claus is retired, his age will ingrease again every year. In the example we did use before he then will become 101, 102, and so on.

Santa retiring Cartoon
014. Where is Santa Claus born? What is his skincolor?
        What is his native language and which languages can he speak.?

Santa Claus says he will never tell where he is born, so we will never know.
For most people Santa looks like a white man with grey-blue eyes, but if on a visit all the persons present there expact him to have a coloured skin, then he will appear with a coloured skin. It's the Spirit of Christmas that does this.
Santa says he is forgotten what his native language was. When he is with the Gnomes and the Elfs he almost always speaks Sindarin. Sindarin is one of the two welknow elf-languages. Quenyan is the language of the Fairies and the High Elfs from Valinor. Sindarin is the language of the newborn (normal) Elfs who live on Earth. Sindarin has a very special feature. It sounds to every human and animal almost the same as their native language. That's why everybody can understand Santa and why everybody can talk with Santa. And so it look like Santa is speaking all laguages. Sometimes there is one little problem which happends if a group of people is speaking different languages at the same time. In such cases it can happen that Santa is not understanding everything as good as he should or that we get the impression that what he is answering us is spoken in different languages. The Magic of the Sindarin is then slightly offtrack.

015. Does Santa Claus has parents? And what are their names?
        Does he have brothers and sisters also? Does he have a family?

Yeah, Every Santa Claus has (or had) parents, Sometimes they were the previous Mr and Mrs Claus, sometimes they were other people, but who they were, is also something most Santa do not tell. Simply to protect their privacy.
Yeah, sometimes a Santa Claus had brothers and sisters before he became Santa Claus. And offcourse they stayed his brothers and sisters after he became Santa Claus, but they never lived as long Santa Claus himself did, so after a while (in Santa's eyes a to short time) he did loose them, That is something that makes him sad, therefore he does not like to speak about that. With any luck he will have cousins still. And offcourse he does look at the grand-nephews and second-cousins of previous Santa's as if they where his own. Because he has inherated the memories of of them and the feelings for them from those previous Santa's. So yes, Santa Claus does have family.

016. Is Santa Claus married? Does Santa Claus fall in love sometime or another?

The present Santa Claus is indeed married, to be precise he is married to Mrs Claus. En Yes, Santa Claus is stil heavy in love with his wife.
If a single person becomes Santa then rules say that he must marry within a few years because the rules state that Santa must have a mrs Claus. So a single Santa has a few years to find the right woman and to fall in love with her.
The aging-effect which the elf magic has on Santa, it has also on Mrs Claus. So they both are more as 100 years old and they will retire together.

Santa and mrs Claus
017a. Does Santa Claus has children of himself?

Sometimes he has, sometimes he hasn't. There have been Santas who had children and there have been Santas who had no children. That is the reason you can here stories about a Santa who did not have children as wel as stories about a son or daughter from Santa. En both stories can be totaly true. There is hardly a holiday time that you wont see human-children walking and playing in the Elf village, those children are mostly the (great-)(grand-)children or cousins of a previous Santa Claus.
Although it's very rare that an average human get permission to visit Santa Claus at home (Polar City or Santa Ville), the family of (a previous) Santa Claus is always welcome.
If the present Santa has children is something he would not say. He said: "All children on the whole world are my children". Santa does love it very much to sit down be the fireplace with a nice cup of tea or a mug with chocolatemilk, listening Christmasmusic, reading the letters that the children did send him.

017b. If Santa Claus would have children, what would be their names?

Boys are often named Nicholas (Nick or Claus), Christoffel (Chris), Kriss or Noël. Girls are often named Mary (refers to Merry Christmas), Eva or Eve (refers to Christmas Eve), Christina, Noëlle, Holly, Anna (Annie) or Joy.
But other names or combinations (like David, Nicholas Noël, Mary Christina or Mary Anna) are also possible.

018. Does Santa have pets?

Sure he has! Santa has a little white polardag and mrs Claus has a tortoiseshell cat. But there do live a lot of other animals in and around the Gnomes village and the Elf village. You could call them pets also, in Santa Ville for example there do live a lot of reindeers close to Santa's house there. But even though they behave very often almost as real pets, in fact they are free (wild) animals which do need their freedom to survive and are only in the village (sometimes) because they like to be near Santa and mrs Claus for a while.
Due to the Elf magic Santa can talk with the animals, just like the Elfs can. All animals do like Santa and Mrs Claus and they in return do like all animals. It is even so that children who are good for animals, are alway on Santa's 'Nice'-list.

Santa's puppy
019. Why does Santa Claus has long hair and a beard?

Long(er) hair was normal in the time when the first Santa Claus began, and older man wore often a beard in those days. Besides that, such a beard keeps your throat and neck nicely warm on the Northpole. That was the reason why de first Santa Claus dis wear a beard and his successors are still doing the same. Like the previous Santas also today's Santa Claus is very proud on his beard, so it is fair to say: Santa will always wear a beard!

020. Does Santa Claus visit a barber now and then?

Ofcourse does Santa Claus visit the Barber-Gnome regulary, so his hair and beard will look immaculate. Dead ends get trimmed, and then the hair and beard get styled and curled again. And ofcourse wil his hair and beard cut back to the wanted length so the won't grow to long. If Santa does not have time to visit the barber then mrs Claus will trim his hair and beard. And ofcourse does Santa Claus regular wash his hair and beard.

Santa Claus at the barber
021. Does Santa Claus has hobbys, does he have a garden?
Does he look television? Does he watch movies?

Santa Claus has several hobby's. He is very fund of reading, listening to music (especialy Christmas music), watching Christmas movies, working and playing with animals, tinker, woodcarving, drawing and painting and building nice statues with snow or ice. For example, he can build snowmen who do like to be alive and reindeers from ice who look as they can run/fly away any moment.
In Polar City Santa does not have a garden except for snow and ice statues. In Santa Ville he does have a garden around his house and he does the maintenance with help of the Elfs, but there are no special or rare things in his garden (is Santa's opinion). We were impressed though by the shrubs trimmed in shapes of all kind of animals, such as a dubble line of shrubs trimmed in the shape of the reindeers and the sleigh. On top of that, there do walk and fly several real animals free around in his garden. From butterfly's and singing birds to chickens, rabits, squirls and so on.
To our opinion Santa's garden is nothing less as a small paradise.

Yes, Santa does follow the news of the world on television, but most of it he knows already through the Elfs-News-service. The television is mostly used for watching Christmas movies, together with mrs Claus. Christmas movies are their favorite movies, apart from child movies, Fairytale and/or fantasie movies.

022. Does Santa Claus do on sports? If yes, is he any good in sports?
        And does he do anything on his weight?

Sure does Santa Claus do sports. For example he likes skiing, or riding a dog-sleigh, also he likes iceskating a lot. He does not doe speed skating but 'Schoonrijden' also called 'Schoonryden' which is a very old skating sport where you have to skate slowly with stately moves. Santa and Mrs. Claus do this often when Sinterklaas is visiting them, then the both men take mrs. Claus in the middle and off they go.
Zie ook : Wat-is-schoonrijden, Schoonrijden nu en wikipedia (nl) Schoonrijden .
And once in a while Santa and the Gnomes will have a big snowball fight, he is very good in that.

It is a worldwide spread misunderstanding that Santa Claus would be thick or fat or heavy weighted, he has a normal posture with just a very little belly, that's all, it is called stout. For years now Mrs Claus keeps a sharp eye on any thing he eats and munches and Santa therefor is sure not to thick or to heavy.

023. Why does Santa Claus often look like a fat man?

Because Santa Claus does live the biggest part of the year within the Polarcircle, he does wear warm, quilted (thus thick) clothes, those clothes make him look thick. And very often he has his cheeks a bit rosy and swollen because of the cold and then they look a bit thicker also, but the same would happen to a normal person.

Santa is not fat Cartoon
024. Does Santa Claus have just 1 suit? And why is it red?
        If he does have more as 1 suit, does he then have clothes in other colours?

Santa does have several suits. They are made by the Gnomes. It is necessary that he does have several suits, because when Santa does get wet on a rainy visit, then he can change into a dry suit for the next visit. And ofcourse Santa likes to wear a clean suit every day.
Nowadays the look of the suit depends on how mrs Claus did design it. They do vary a little bit sometimes, some have more garnishing as others, but overal they very much the same.
In the early days Santa did also often wear green suits, and sometimes brown or blue. That were yet old suits from Father Christmas, the did not make Santa Claus stand out much, which was exactly what Father Christmas wanted for himself. But since Mrs Claus is designing the suits, now all suits are red, because that is the favoriete colour of mrs Claus. She find it to be a warm and festive colour is and she says that the children can recognize Santa now much easier when he happens to be standing in a group of people.

025. Where is the suit of Santa Claus made of? and which parts?

Santa Claus his suit has several parts.
Sometimes he is wearing white socks, sometimes red socks and sometimes even red/white socks.
He has a white or red underpants mostly with long legs, and a undershirt in the same colour mostly with long sleeves and buttons at the neck.
His underwear he sometimes wears a white silk shirt with large collar and cuffs,
And over that comes a long red padded pants and a red lined jacket (along the neck, the edges and at the bottom and on the sleeves edged with white fur), to the jacket a black or dark brown belt with large golden buckle, and at his feet he has black boots with white fur lining and trimmed with a white fur edge. At home he often wears red slippers.
On his head he has a red Hat (model point Hat), but with a limp hanging point. The hat is also trimmed with white fur along the edge and has a white ball of fur at the point. On the hat he often wears an ornament (Elfs Crystal with Elvish magic), sometimes with a sprig of Holly.
And he has white gloves on his hands.
If he comes directly from the North Pole, then he has often a long red fur lined robe with hood over his suit. He has also often red with fur lined mittens about his white gloves on, or he has his hands in an old-fashioned red muff, also with fur lined. This tops (mantle, mittens muff, blanket in the sleigh for over the legs) is usually lined with brown fur.

Santa's suit
026. Why does Santa Claus not look everywhere the same?

Well ... Santa Claus has several suits, so that gives already a difference, than Santa wears sometimes thicker clothes (in countries where the temperature is colder) and at other times thinner clothes (e.g. in Africa), which also gives a difference in how thick or how thin he seems to be. And a thinner Santa seems longer, just as a thicker Santa seems shorter.
But above all, Santa is always trying to look the same way the children believe that he looks like. Due to the Elvish magic Santa can adopt different guises. That is why Santa one time is a bit thicker and larger than the other times and why he wears glasses now and then and other times not.

027. Does Santa also wear other (ordinary) clothes?

Yes, but it does happen very rarely. Actually only if he is on holiday. Then he wears regular clothes because he does notwant to stand out (being incognito, it's called). But at those regular clothes the color is always largely red.

028. How did Santa Claus came on the idea of his Large Book or his Nice-List?

He did learn that from Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), at first he had no book, he was working with lists at that time, but later on one of his birthdays he got a real Large Book (empty one) from Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), and now every year the Gnomes do make some new Large Books for him, although he still uses lists also (for example, when he is visiting children).

Santa checking his List
029a. How old is the Large Boek and is there more as 1 Large Book?
        Because sometimes it looks a different one.

When Santa Claus did start to use not only a list, but to use also a special book, is not public knowledge. Yes, Santa Claus does know it and else he could read it in the first Large Book. But his opinion is that we do not need to know it. And to be honest, he is right. What he did want to tell us is: In the early years he could do a couple of years with one Large Book. But because more and more people do send their wishes to him, and because things in the world do change much quicker now as they did before (People moving to other homes or places, naughty children became nice or nice kids did naughty things a.s.o., the list and the Large Book had to be altered to much and to often. It started to look like shoddy work and Santa does not like shoddy work. That is why he did start to use a new List and a new Large Book every year. And now he has even more as 1 in one Year, because today he has 1 for every country.
Nowadays the Large Book has many new volumes every year. There is, for example, 1 Volume for each State in the USA, 1 for the Netherlands, 1 for Japan, etc. Each volume will only be used for 1 year (1 year old?), then comes a new one and the old one goes to the archive of Santa Claus, where Santa can still read them if he wants to.

029b. Does all these Large Books look the same?

No. Sometimes a volumes has a Christmas bell on the cover, another time it will be a twig of holly or a reindeer or a beautifull gothic character. This is done on purpose, this way Santa can easier recognise each volume (This is also something he did learn from Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)).

Santa's Book
030. How does Santa know who is Naughty and who is Nice?

As we told before, Santa get help from the Elfs and the Gnomes.
The Elfs and the Gnomes who do live in Santa's villages (Polar City near the Northpole and Santa's Village=Santa Ville in Lapland), are but a few of all Elfs and Gnomes who live on the world.
The majority of the Elfs and Gnomes live in places spread over the whole world. The Elfs mostly do live in the old Forrests and Woods where they care for the animals and the trees. The Gnomes mostly live hidden in our modern woods, parks, houses, barns, schools and offices. And they keep a close eye on us!
The Gnomes tell Santa everything the children do, say or write.
This information is checked by the Gnomes and Elfs on the Northpole and then processed into the very long Naugthy and Nice lists from Sant Claus. And after his checking (twice!!) of all these lists Santa does make the judgement: Naughty or Nice. And put the Info in one of his Large Books.

Santa with Postal-Elf
031. Does Santa Claus really does know everything? Is really everything written down in a Large Book?

No! Santa Claus does know a great lot, but not really, really everthing. Knowing everything is something only God does and Santa Claus is and was always just a human. But Santa sees, hears and read a lot and the same goes for his Elfs and Gnomes. Whether it is on television, for the radio, or in the newspapers or in a letter somebody did send to Santa Claus. Everything is read, heard and judged. The things they find important, wil be noted in the Large Book. So, even when not everything is noted in the Large Book, there still is a very great lot of info in the Large Book.

032. How do all letters and wishlists reach Santa Claus?
        And does he realy read all of them?

For many years now there is the popular Christmas tradition of children who write letters to Santa Claus. They do this mainly to tell him that they have been good in the past year and to send to Santa a list of gifts they would like to receive. The list can mention only 1 gift but also several wishes. There is a remarkable difference in the letters from boys and those from girls. Girls are more caring and often wish something for others, they are more polite in their letters and they write more letters and are more thoughtful and generous in their appreciation for all the hard work that Santa does. Boys usely only ask for some presents for themselfs in their letters.
In Scandinavia and large parts of England there was the traditional habit that the letters for Santa (and Father Christmas) were thrown into the fire for their shipping, so they went up in flames and the smoke would go through the chimneys and could be blown by the wind to the North Pole. Because small children should not play with fire and not play close to fire, the children gave these letters to their parents, so that they could throw the letters into the fire.
Because later most homes had no fireplace or stove anymore (central heating system) the parents started to sent these letters over the post. It was also around this time that it became known that Santa in december did live at the North Pole, so the letters were adressed to "Santa Claus, c/o Northpole". Unfortunately, some letters got lost that way. In many Post offices it was not known in which country that "Northpole" should lie. And so letters were sometimes delivered on the most strange places. And sometimes they were not delivered at all or they did came years later.
Nowadays is that better regulated, in many countries there are postal services which enable the children to send letters to Santa Claus. This Post services have a special postal address created for the letters send to Santa Claus. Now in those countries the Elfs only have to visit 1 address (post office) to collect the letters. This does save a whole lot of trouble and in those countries there never gets a letter lost anymore and those letters are therefore also never too late in Santa's office.
All letters are read by the Post-office-Elfs, if it's a very normal letter then the Elfs take care of it and handle the case themselfs, if it's a letter that needs special treatment or special attention then the Elfs put it on Santa's desk, so Sant will read and handle it.

033. What is the address of Santa to which we can send our letters?

There are a number of addresses for residents of different countries, we will give them on the bottom of this page.
There are even Websites where you can send a message to Santa and where you get a reply back almost immediately, we will put a number of these addresses at the bottom of this page also.

Letter to Santa
034. Why does Santa Claus have Elfs and Gnomes who help him?

This tradition already existed at the Yulefeest. Then the Yule-man even came sometimes in company of Elfs and/or Gnomes.
Because Santa Claus really can not do everything himself (not at all without the Elfs magic), therefore the Old Fairies (Mother Earth=Mother Hulda, the Forest King=Yuleman, King Winter=Holly King, Sandman, Father Time) did ask the Elfs and Gnomes to help Santa Claus. And the Elfs and Gnomes found it such a nice job, that they never want to stop with it.

035. How many Elfs and Gnomes does Santa Claus have as helpers?

Santa has no Elfs or Gnomes, because they are not belonging to him!
But Santa is indeed helped very much by Elfs and Gnomes. And they do that voluntarily because they like him very much and because they find it very nice work.
There are not so many Elfs and Gnomes as there are stars in the sky or if there is sand on the beach, but there are quit a lot of them and there are still new born every year.
They live all over the world and have their own pursuits. All Elfs and Gnomes help Santa Claus if it's necessary or just for the fun of it.
However, there is a small group of Elfs and Gnomes specially chosen to help Santa 24 hours a day and who are also living with him at the North Pole or in Santa Ville.
Exactly how many there are that help him, Santa did not want to tell us, but we learned that in Polar City Santa is assisted by about just as much Elfs as he has reindeer there, each Elf has two private reindeer to take care of, for riding, and to train them for the sleigh-team, then there are the 2 sleighteams and a back-up-team and of course there are still a few reindeer left for Santa and Mrs. Claus etc. So we estimate between 30 and 50 Elfs.
And that there are about twelve times as many Gnomes helping in Polar City as there are Elfs helping in Polar City.
The Elfs and Gnomes can be really old, even older as Santa Claus.
Some elderly Elfs and/or Gnomes are almost 400 years old!

Santa Claus and an Elf
036. Are they only male Elfs and Gnomes or are there female Elfs and Gnomes helping also?
        Are they only adults or also children?

Polar City is a SnowGnomes village, so of course there are also female Gnomes and Gnome-children. The same applies for the Elfs in Santa Ville. Santa doesn't look at whether someone is a man or a woman, but at what he/she can. So yes, there are both male and female Elfs and Gnomes helping Santa.
Many Gnome- and Elf-kids like to become a Christmas-Elf or Christmas Gnome when they are growen up. So in addition to their ordinary school, they attend also the school for Santa's Christmas helpers. That means that they are also doing practical training and some small chores.

037. What are the things these Elfs and Gnomes do?
Each Elf and each Gnome has its own responsible task in the preparations for Christmas.
First of all, there are the SnowGnomes. They are the ones that make all the toys. Working with their hands and making things is something they like to do by nature, it is something they did for humans centuries before they went to help Santa Claus. Their hands can make almost everything their eyes see, that is due to the part dwarfs blood that runs through their veins. They are very keen on traditions, so when it was up to them then they would make the same thing all year round. A Gnome that did make a horse, would make a another horse (or a few horses) every day, always more beautiful and more perfect as the previous one. For creating new designs and ideas, there are a few of them who work together with a few Elfs on the design department. Because Elfs have very much imagination and always want to do (or create) new things. For example you get a very complicated puzzle as christmaspresent, then you can be sure that an Elf was the creator and that a Gnome did produced it. Over the years the Gnomes learned how to make thousands of types of toys, and there has never been a child that was disappointed on the toy that was made by a Gnome! ChristmasGnomes making toys
Some of the SnowGnomes (tailor-Gnomes) are working under the direction of Mrs. Claus and making all the clothes for the Gnomes, for Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus and even for some Elfs, and that is very special, because Elfs are very sensible in concern of their clothes, which they actually prefer to invent and create themself.
And then there's a group SnowGnomes (Carpenter-Gnomes) who is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and for the sleigh. The household-Gnomes do help Mrs. Claus doing the housekeeping, changing the bed linen, doing the vacuuming etc). The last and smallest group of Gnomes (Baker-Gnomes) help Mrs. Claus in making the food and drinks for everyone in the Gnomes-village.
Gnomes have but 2 kinds of magic, with the one they can make themselves invisible, the other is healing (strengthen) magic, and the SnowGnomes do put a little bit in each piece of work that they make. Therefore it works better and it keeps also longer.
Gnomes are hard workers and they very much like to whistle or sing under their work. In Polar City they usually sing or whistle Christmas songs.

The Elfs are responsible for coming up with new things (inventor-Elfs), so also new techniques etc. They also do the teaching (Elfs-teachers) of the young Elfs and SnowGnomes, they take care for the health of everyone (Elfs-doctor). Elfs have very much magic, and certainly healing magic. Also, the Elfs are responsible for the post, the Post-Elfs take care of both the incoming mail (wish lists and other questions) and outgoing mail (e.g. answering questions), they take care of Santa's library (library-Elfs), the Large Books and the Nice and Naugthy lists. And of course, that work will also be checked (twice) by Santa.
But above all, they are best known for their care of the reindeer. And that they guide Santa if he is going somewhere with the reindeer. These reindeer-Elfs are called Hohohoojas, some people think they are called 'holhoojas', but that is wrong. They are called hohohoojas because they always encourage the reindeer with the cry "hohohoo". These Elfs are all day near the reindeer and they can even talk with the reindeer.
Elfs, by the way, can talk with all the people in all languages and all the animals.
The Elfs and Gnomes also have something in common, they are both great collectors, and then it can really go about everything, from dirty socks to the lyrics of Christmas songs.
038. What does Hoho hoo mean, and why is Santa Claus laughing Hoho hoo?

'Hoho hoo' means actually the same as 'Giddy-up little Horse, Giddy-up' or 'Giddy-up-go,' or 'yippyaye' or 'and now full steam ahead'. It is the Elfvish way to show that your are doing your atmost best and/or to show that you have a good time. The Elfs use it to encourage animals or even others Elfs. When there is an Elfs game, you hear nothing else as Hoho hoo. Elfs almost never laugh, at least not simmilair to the way people laugh, so laughing like "hahahaha' or 'hihihihi' they did not know at first. Elfs laugh inside, without making a sound. You only can see it in their eyes when they are laughing. The first time Santa did laugh 'haha haa', they in fact thought that he screamed 'aha haa' and that he shad hurt himself. That is why Santa has changed his laughing in Hoho hoo of Yoho hoo so the Elfs could know that he had the greatest fun. And now Santa is so used to this that he almost every time does laugh in this way. But so now and then he will have a soft haha haa laugh still, specially near very little children.

039. Which Elf or Gnome is Santa's favorite Elf or Gnome?

Santa does like all Elfs and Gnomes equally.
He has but one favorite and that's no Elf or Gnome, but that's Mrs. Claus.

040. Are the Elfs and Gnomes also naughty sometimes?

Yeah sure, we have already told you that they are big collectors, and sometimes they 'collect' something that was not their property. So, for example, the Gnomes are infamous socks thieves!
The Gnomes also like to make practical jokes. For example they turn the cap of the tube of toothpaste, they do so because they find the Peppermint taste very delicious. Just turning the cap back on the tube they do not and this is on purpose, because people then blame each other. And then the Gnomes have great fun.

041. How do you know if there are Gnomes living in your neighborhood?

The Gnomes are usually very discreet, and so you won't notice that they are there, but sometimes they are so very fond of the people in the House where they 'live', that they give small unobtrusive hints that indicate their presence. Is there regular a sock disappearing in your home? Are there are things moved a little bit? (especially Christmas decorations outside the House). Is there written text or a drawing with a wet finger on a newly washed window or on a newly polished mirror? Yes? Then chances are there is a Gnome (or a couple) living in or near you home (or in your shed or your stable) and that he/she/they like you!

042. Why does Santa Claus use a sleigh?

Santa Claus has a sleigh because this is a very handy (and environmentally friendly) means of transport. With a sleigh, you never run out of petrol and you can transport a lot of presents in the back of the sleigh. And a sleigh does hardly get stuck in the snow. In short, benefits enough.
Santa has many more vehicles, because outside Christmas Eve he must also can come anywhere in the world. But his favorite vehicle is and remains the sleigh, because that is the cutest and most powerful and romantischste means of transport, that exists.

043. Why does the sleigh get pulled by reindeer?
        and for example not pulled by horses?

Santa said: "Because pushing the sleigh is too heavy, therefore they are pulling it. ... Oops, Now I understand what you mean. Ho, Ho, hoo. You're not asking why the pulling but why the reindeer, Ho, Ho, hoo."

The reindeer are very resistant against the cold, and do not need blankets (covering) like horses. And the most important thing is that reindeer have a very good grip in the snow and ice with their hooves, with horses you would need to use special horseshoes with iron pins sticking out the bottom of those horseshoes. Imagine what noise that would give if those iron pins would land on your roof.

Reindeer pulling a sleigh
044. How heavy weighs a reindeer?

A female reindeer weighs between 132 and 308 pound, and a male reindeer weighs between 208 and 440 pound. But there are also sometimes heavier males, there has been a male reindeer which weighed 700 pound!
Males are also larger than the females. Reindeer are over 3.28 feet high. Males have at the larynx a fist-sized, inflatable skin bag. This works as an audio amplifier.
The fur color of a reindeer varies from white to almost black. They have a double fur. The Undercoat is made up of fuzzy hairs, the outer coat is made of hollow air-filled guard hairs. The feet are deep and wide spread. The hooves are broadened and have a hollow underside and therefore they give a secure hold on slippery surfaces, like snow and ice, and in swamps. When they are walking then the tendons in the legs of the reindeer make a clicking sound. Due to this clicking sound the animals can follow each other in the dark. And so even in the polar night, when the reindeer cannot see each other, the herd remains together.

045. Do only the males have antlers or do the females too have antlers?

Reindeer belong to the deer. It is the only deer species in which both the male and the female have antlers. The male is identified by the larger antlers. The male uses the antler when battling with other males to females. The antler of a male is about 20.5 to 51 inches long, that of a female is 9 to 20 inches tall. A little calf gets a antler as he is two months old.

reindeer from different ages with antlers
046. Do they lose their antlers in winter or not?

The males lose the antlers in December or January, females lose their antlers in May. In this period the females with the largest antlers are the boss.
Because off the flying-powder that is done in their food the reindeer that pull the sleigh won't lose their antlers before January.

047. What do the reindeer eat? What is their sweetest snack?

In the summer, the reindeer grazing mostly on the tundra, but if they are at the North Pole in the stable in the Gnomesdorp, they get hay, water and special feed kibble. Because just as your own animals, the reindeer may eat only kibble specially made for them. Santa Claus also gives the reindeer sometimes the special reindeer cookies. And the reindeer are also crazy about roots and oats.
And in the 2 weeks prior to the Christmas night the reindeer that pull the sleigh also get the special flypowder through their food.

048. Is a Moose the same as a Reindeer?
        Does Santa also have Moose for his sleigh?

No, a Moose (Elk) is a whole different deer species and also looks very different. And no, Santa has no Elk for the sleigh.



Moose (Elk)

Moose (Elk)

The Moose (Alces alces) is the largest living deer species: he is at least as big as a horse. It is the only living member of the genus Alces.
The Moose is a very large animal with a remarkable snout. The fur is rough and gray Brown in color. The moulting period falls in the spring. The legs are long, which make that he can walk in the deep snow, and the legs are greyish white. By females (cows) this color runs up to the tail. Adult males (Bulls) have a beard and an antler. Elk have a highly developed sense of smell and hearing. Sight is limited.
The Moose has a head-body length of 6.5 to 9.5 feet. The female is about 25% smaller than the male. The male has a shoulderheight of 5.9 to 7.2 feet and a body weight of 704 to 1760 pound, the female a shoulderheight from 4.9 to 5.6 feet and a weight of 605 to 825 pound. The tail is relatively small, and is only 2.7 to 3.9 inches long. The antlers can easily reach a wingspan of 6.5 feet.
049. How many reindeer does Santa Claus have? And how old are they?

How many reindeer Santa has is not exactly known, there are a few young ones born every year, and every now and then some old reindeer die. But the whole herd is easily more as one hundred and twenty reindeer. Reindeer reach an average age of 10 years old, but in Santa's herd they go retire as they on the age of 7 years. ( Here you can find more info over (the normal) reindeer. )

050. Can all those reindeer learn to pull the sleigh?

Yes, in principal they can. They all learn to pull the sleigh on the ground, so they all are broken in to pull the sleigh through the snow on the ground, but only the best ones are used to pull the sleigh through the sky on Christmas Eve.

051. How are the reindeer trained?

The reindeer have to follow a very heavy training program for years, before they have a chance to get into Santa's legendary Sleigh-team.
In the summer in Lapland the reindeer-Elfs ( called: Hohohoojas)learn the reindeer first just to walk for a sleigh, when they can do that, then they learn to run for the sleigh. By the time they are good at that, they must learn that do that (walking and running) also at busy places. For that the reindeer-Elfs often go with the advanced reindeer to the various Santa Claus Parades all over the world. If they have everything alright, then they may proceed with the flight program in the winter. The reindeer can only fly through the flying-powder that they get in their food. And they get that only in their food in the 2 weeks before Christmas begins. So they can practice, just before Christmas. Because the lichens and the Star powder from which the flyingpowder is made off, only can be found near the North Pole, therefore the flying powder also only does work near the North Pole. With one big exception and that's on Christmas Eve and Christmas night, by the power of the 'Christmas Spirit' it will work 1 eve and 1 night long outside the North Pole.
That's why you never see a reindeer fly on other days, and why you also never see flying reindeer around Santa Claus if you encounter him with his reindeer before Christmas Eve.

Young Elf with reindeer
052. Do the reindeer need a stable or barn to have protection against the polarcold?

We have already told you (question 4) that the reindeer most of the year are not living at the North Pole but that they wander through Lapland. Santa takes to Polar City just those reindeer with him that he needs for the sleigh. That's a total of 20-25 reindeer. Those are the 1st sleigh-team, the 2nd sleigh-team, some spare reindeer, and ofcourse, Rudolph. The other reindeer stay in Lapland. Reindeer are accustomed to cold weather, they even like it, but indeed even reindeer need protection against the weather at the North Pole. In the month of December they life therefore in a cosy barn with different boxes (stables).

053. How can the reindeer fly? And can all reindeer of Santa fly?
        Is that magic or are they special reindeer?

The reindeer can not fly by themselfes, they need flyingpowder. Only the reindeer that pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve get the special flying powder mixed in their food, that makes that they and the sleigh can fly. At the sleigh the flyingpowder is mixed through the paint with which the sleigh is painted and it is mixed through the glue of the wood joints.
That flying powder consists of a mixture of Star powder (This fluorescent star powder is also one of the causes of the northern lights), and magical lichens which grow only in the Norwegian Arctic. Only the Elfs know where these mosses grow and how they must be mixed with the starpowder to get the magic flying powder. (So is it also the little Elf Tinkerbel, that Peter Pan and his boys does fly with her own flying powder).
So no, not all reindeer of Santa can fly. Only the reindeer that get the flyingpowder (flydust). And Yes, they are special reindeer because they have had a special training program, and not every reindeer is suitable for that.

Reindeer with sleigh in the sky

054a. What names do the reindeer of Santa Claus have? And how do they get their names?

The reindeer get their names from the Elfs. The reindeer have different names, for example, there is one that was born in a field of daisies and therefore named Daisy. Another is called Oakleaf because the white spot on his forehead, has the form of an oakleaf. And there are many other names that say something about where, when or how they are born. So is the reindeer girl Frida born on a Friday. Or they get a name that says something about their character, for example Vice and Rascal, or their name says something about their talents, so is Dancer a very lightfeeted reindeer with graceful movements.

054b. What names do the reindeer have who pull the sleigh?

The "magic eight" refers to the eight reindeer of Santa's first flying reindeer team. (Keep in mind that first periode of his Job Santa did not have a flying team, He was just coming out the woods and not from the North Pole as we told you in the answer on question 4a.)
Those first eight were named: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.
Their names were created by someone who used them in a poem and Santa did like those names so much that he started using them himself.
That first team pulled Santa's sleigh with great success for many years. Rudolph was born much later.
Because it's not fun for the children to have to learn new names every now and then, therefore the reindeer that pull the sleigh get the same sleigh-names each time.
A female reindeer can therefore be named Daisy by birth, but as soon as she is one of the sleigh-team she is called Vixen (= bitch = female) or Dancer or Cupid (depends on which place she gets in the team), that is so to say her working name (sleigh-name).
Okay, then give we now the descriptions of the reindeer that pull the sleigh.

Dasher One of the first reindeer of the first "magic eight", which made their first Christmas Eve flight about 240 years ago. Dasher is known for its great tempo-gears and for its energy, which is primarily due to many delicious carrots and the nutritious grass on the tundra in the Arctic Circle.

Santa says: "Dasher takes his job very serious, like all reindeer, and he trains extra hard in the months just before the tours of the team on Christmas Eve and Christmas night."
Dancer  Shows a piece of self-assurance and grace now that she's one of Santa's flying reindeer. Dancer has the grace of a gazelle, but don't tell her that, because that would make her cocky. She is a very athletic reindeer, she gives the impression that pulling and flying is much easier as it really is. She is unbelieveble fast and has a huge reaction speed, making Santa and his sleigh able to avoid all the obstacles that they encounter on Christmas Eve each year.

Santa says: Dancer may perhaps not be the strongest reindeer of this group, but she is the most elegant. Simply gorgeous the way she moves.
Prancer  As the most majestic reindeer of Santa's team, Prancer is the one that is lifting its hooves the highest under the running. Prancer's high leg movements and his perfect posture are an example of beauty, if you get to see them during the long journeys of the reindeer along the night sky. He proudly pulls the heavy sled with precious Christmas gifts. Prancer shows a huge self-confidence, and yet he is totally not arrogant.

Santa says:
"Prancer is always been a team player and he knows that all the reindeer must work together to make a success of the Special Mission on Christmas Eve." 
Vixen  Vixen is not one of the most famous reindeer of Santa's "magic eight", but she is most regular in her performance during her reindeer career. She is an absolute flirt when she is not at work. Vixen has a lot of strength and perseverance and never seems to be tired, even if the weather conditions are bad.

Santa says:
"Vixen is a playful reindeer, which not many people know, but this member of my team is also very committed to ensure that the annual Christmas missions are succesfull." 
Comet  Comet has a special character. This reindeer can be very contrary, but Comet also has a very strong will, what this member of Santa's team helps if it gets very difficult. Comet shows unique leader qualities and does focus on what needs to be done.

Santa says:
"Comet can be a little stubborn, but this reindeer is already quite a lot of years a valuable member of my team." 
Cupid  Cupid is a loving reindeer, that is why she received this name. As 'runningmate' next to Comet she does fit very well. Cupid has been running for the sleigh for a long time now, and always to the right of the Comet in Santa's reindeer set-up. Cupid sometimes need a little hug or some extra attention, but this reindeer is always ready to pull the Load on Christmas Eve.

Santa says:
"Cupid is a favorite of Mrs. Claus, who gives this reindeer always a little extra attention." 
Donner  Original his name was Donder (Dutch for Thunder) then it change into Dunder (looks like thunder) for a shortwhile and lately most of the time he is called Donner (easier to say for very little kids). But you still may say Donder or Dunder. In books and articles about Santa Claus, the Northpole and his reindeerteam all three names are used.
Donner is a very proud animal that definitely not want to show off, and he is very aware of its possibilities. Thunder is seen as one of the strongest members of Santa's sleighteam.

Santa says:
"I know that Ol' Donner already very, very long and I have a very big respect for everything that reindeer can do." 
Blitzen  Original his name was Blixem (Bliksem, what is pronounced the same, is Dutch for Lightning) then it change into Blitzen (Blitz is German for Lightning). But you still may say Blixem. In books and articles about Santa Claus, the Northpole and his reindeerteam all two names are used.
This is the most combative member of Santa's team. Blitzen will never run away fore a challenge. This reindeer is not the strongest or fastest member of the team, but no reindeer has more determination or inner drive as Blitzen, who annually does win several disciplines at the Reindeer Games.

Santa says
"Blitzen may not have as much pure talent as some of the other members of the team, but no reindeer has more heart." 

And then you have of course Rudolph, Rudolph is perhaps the best known one ot the reindeer. He can be recognized by his bright red nose.

Rudolph joined the team a lot later and virtually everyone knows nowadays the story how Rudolph saved the Christmas mission on a surtain Christmas Eve when a blizzard (snow storm) almost caused the blow off (cancellation) of Santa's annual visit.
Rudolph  In general, Rudulph is considered the "most famous reindeer of all." He is the youngest member of the flying group, and made his first Christmas Eve ride during the great Blizzard of 1940. If you look closely, you can see on his picture that the tip of his nose is red indeed. At night and in bad weather, it lits the sky and guides Santa's sleigh through darkness.

Santa says:
"What can I say that hasn't already been told about Rudolph? This reindeer is really a beacon in the night for this Ol' Santa and his guidence has saved the annual Christmas Eve mission more than once. " 
055. Do the reindeer sleep at night or during the day?

Reindeer can sleep at any time they wish, but in Polar City Santa's reindeer sleep at night, so they can do their training during the day, because above all they must have a very good condition to be able to pull the sleigh during the long trips on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night!

056. Does Rudolph's nose really gives a red light? Is that always the case? And why is that?

Yes, Rudolph's nose does give off a red light sometimes. When he was young it used to be almost always so, but because he now knows why it glows, he can control it. So you see him now most of th time with a regular black nose, like the other reindeer.
It's because Rudolph has a small condition to his nose (At his birth there is accidentally star powder blowen in his nose ingrown there and it give his nose a fluorescent effect), in medical terms it's called 'Nasus Roseus Fluorensiïs' (pronounced as "NA-suss RO-see-us FLU-oo-REN-sie-is"). That condition makes that his nose shows a bright red light whenever he's excited or very shy or when he is feeling uncomfortable.
It is exactly the same as in people who blush if they are shy or if they feel uncomfortable. It does not hurt, it can't do any harm, so nothing to worry about. And, as you know from the story about Rudolph, it can be very useful sometimes. His glowing nose has already often shown Santa the way in a sneeuwstrom and many foggy nights.

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
057. How old is Rudolph?

Rudolph was born in 1939. Through the magic of the star powder in his nose, he did not get older anymore, after he had reached a mature age, so for years now he is a reindeer from about 7 years old. Modern medicine can remove the condition though, but then Rudolph will became older again every year just like the other reindeer. And as long as he like doing his job and wants to continue it, he will stay a reindeer from 7 years old.

058. Why does Santa Claus only comes in December?
        And what does Santa Claus do the rest of the year?

Santa Claus comes in December because the Advent and the Christmas season are in December.
After the Christmas season Santa Claus does first some relaxation. The rest of the year is Santa Claus taking care of the reindeer, taking his herd to the tundra's where they can wander from reindeermeadow to reindeer, those pastures are everywhere along the Arctic circle in Lapland.
He does also regularly check the presents that the Gnomes have been made in the meantime.
And of course he must check out the nice and naughty lists, which the Elfs already made for him. There are many small children but also some adult on this list. And the info about them can change from day to day.
And he is always a couple of weeks on holiday with Mrs. Claus. Often Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) will visit them there. Santa would not tell us where they are going on their Holidays.
He also visits his own familie (Brothers, sisters a.s.o.) and all the other santa's second cousins. Also he does occasionally visit Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) to drink a cup of coffee together and to have a little chat.

059. How come there are different Santa's at the same time in different places and sometimes even on TV?

The Elfs are sometimes zealous and then it may well be that they have scheduled two visits at the same time. And that is the reason that Santa must be on multiple places at the same time. This is particularly tiring so Santa always tries to avoid that.
Therefore does Santa Tv-shots often earlier in the day and then they are broadcast at a time that many kids can watch. So can it seem that Santa is at the same time on the TV and in person in another place.

060a. So there are no help-Santa Clauses?

Yes and no. Some people claim that the real Santa does not exist and that the shops rented men who play for Santa Claus. And that all so called Santa's are help-Santa's. But that's talk of silly adults and unbelieving Thomases. Of course, does Santa Claus exist. But he cannot be everywhere at once. When it comes to small children or sick children, when it comes to larger children and adults who really believe in him then Santa Claus does come always himself. But if it's at a double scheduled visit to adult people or children who no longer want to believe in him, then it can happen that Santa is not coming himself. At those very rare occasions (3-5 times per year) he sends one of his second cousins (a real Claus Cousin) together with some Elfs. They are often there (on the background) if Santa Claus is on his way, they have a lot of experience. So also then comes a 'Santa' with real Christmas (Elfs) magic. So yes, Santa Claus gets a help sometimes, but that is very rare, he much prefer to come himself. And no!, That are actually not the kind of help-Santas as doubting Thomases mean. It's a real official Claus who by the Christmas Magic looks exactly like Santa and who does come with real Elfs and Gnomes and with one of Santa's real big names lists.

060b. So there are no fake help-Santa's as doubting people do say?

No, the ones whose people think is a fake help-Santa, are usually by the Salvation Army (Salvation Army) as Santa disguised men, who are collecting for cash and gifts for poor children. An action which the real Santa, of course, fully approves.
But those collecting Santa's do have no guidance of real Christmas-Elfs and/or gnomes and they also have no real names lists. And very often they even do not look like the real Santa.

061. What does Santa think of all those men who in toy department stores or on Christmas markets or at Christmas tree outlets pretend that they are Santa?
        And what does Santa think of the commercialization of Christmas in General?

As long as those fake Santa's (on Christmas markets and Christmas tree sales) just do look a little like Santa and just do a little bit Merry, then there is nothing to worry about. Most children understand that those fakes are not the real Santa. And if the real Santa is there, then they recognize him usually fast enough.
Once that such a fake santa (in stores) does if he really is Santa, and takes wishlists, hearing wishes and making promises without consulting with Santa or one of his Elfs, then Santa does find that a bad thing. Because then you get disappointed children who do not get what they wanted or what they needed. Fortunately, more and more places do ask the real Santa (or one of his cousins) to come, and so it is more and more a real Claus that is there. In other places there is more and more one of Santa's real Elfs present, so also there the wishes of the children will reach the real Santa.
Christmas itself is not the feast of Santa, Santa is but a small particle of Christmas. Christmas has a much larger meaning, and that's not going along with pure commerce.

Many, many Santas
062. Why do you put down a Christmas tree with Christmas?
        and why do we decorate our Houses with Christmasgreen, Holly and Lights?

This has to do with the Yule festival, were the green and the Holy was used to keep bad spirits away. And they reminds us that the winter will pass, and that everything will be green and fertile again. The lights are a christian sign, they remind us that the light will come back again and that the dark (the bad and evil) always loses from the good (the light).
Therefore is Christmas not the festival of Santa Claus, but the reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ.
And just like the wise men from the East, who were on their way to the birth of an important child (the Christmas Child) and who wanted to bring those that child valuable presents, so is the Santa Claus also on his way to important children (all of us) all of which can make the difference between good and evil, between luck and bad luck, between joy and sorrow. That we do get presents from him, is to remind us that we all can have a bit of the 'Spirit of Christmas' in us. And that giving (helping your neighbour) is more important as receiving.

063. Why do the children hang their socks by the fireplace on Christmas Eve?

For centuries a shoe or a sock was used to to receive special gifts in. And because every child had his or her own sock (Poor children often had no shoes or only wooden ones), the Elfs could never be mistaken with handing out the gifts. Nowadays the gifts for older children and adults are more and more placed under the Christmas tree.

064. Why does Santa Claus give presents to everyone?

Because he is very much loves children and likes to spoil them once a year will, and he is very pleased to see their cheerful faces. And isn't it delicious to be able to give things away?

065a. At what age does a child get no presents anymore from Santa?
065b. I am 42 years old and I still believe in Santa. Is there a change that I still get a present?

On both questions Santa Claus himself wanted to give the answer straight away:

"Look, this makes Santa very sad. That someone tells that children that when they are e.g. 12 years old (and some parents talk about an even younger age), that they then get nothing anymore from Santa. Okay, in some of those families they draw a lottery with name-tickets and there they buy presents for each other (for the person with the name on that ticket), and then after the unpackingen they guess who did give them their present, a kin of party what Santa also very likes very much to do with the Elfs. But on those parties were/are there not also often presents of which nobody knows who has bought them or where they came/comes from? And weren't they not only for Small Children but for Adults as well? Well then!!"

"And then you there with your 42 years (I won't name names), didn't you all those other 41 years also received a present from me every year? So why should I now stop. Have you been naughty this year? Or don't you believe anymore and are you therefore asking? If you truly believe, you don't have to doubt!"

Well to us that seem very clear answers, we have nothing to add or to explain.

066. Is Santa Claus very rich? Or how else does he get all those toys and other things?

No, Santa Claus is not rich at all. The most toys and gifts are made by the Gnomes. And of course Santa Claus himself also makes toys. In fact, he often made the first models for the toys which the Gnomes than made copys from. Today, almost all the Gnomes now can make those toys from out of their heads.
Fortunately, there are many people who like to help Santa Claus, and so he also gets a lot of gifts sent to him, or he gets an adres where he can pick them up. So are there also companies who give Santa Claus presents or clothing or other matters for him to give to poor children (nowadays they call this sponsorship). And there are many adults who want to give something to other adults using the help of Santa Claus. They ask him that at their wish list, the Elfs make a note of that and check whether it is all good, and if it is then it will be arranged that the Elf rap those selfbought presents in and that Santa is bringing them under the trees.

Santa's workshop
067. What was the FIRST toy that Santa Claus ever made?

What the first THING was that Santa made, nobody knows anymore, But he still knows what the thing was that was the first thing being called a TOY. It was a hand-carved piece of wood that exactly resembled the horse of St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas). Santa Claus gave this beautiful piece of wood carving to his uncle (Saint Nicholas/Sinterklaas) the day before his birthday and Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) was very pleased with it. But Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) gave it away again, on the very same day, to a child that would otherwise not get a presentthat year. For Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) had already given away all the gifts that he had. Sint Nicolaas said: "It will grieve this child much more when he does not get a gift at all, as it will grieve me to give away my favourite toy". (You can read this fact in one of the many Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) stories)
So Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) called his wooden horse a toy. And that was the first time anyone used that word.
Anyway, Santa was so moved by Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) his action, that he cut a new horse for Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), even more beautiful and even more appearing the real horse as the first one. And from then all up to this day, this new horse is proudly standing showing his beauty on the mantelpiece in Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) his workroom.
But that's not the end of the story, after Santa finnished the second horse for Saint Nicholas, he did cut more animals and gave these as gifts to the children with the attached note: "This toy animal will always be your friend". From that moment on the people did call the things that children like to play with, toys.

068. How does Santa get all packages in his bag (sack)?
How does Santa get all the toys at one time in his sleigh?

Santa's lovely red Kerstzak is a super magic bag, of which only 3 in the world. Santa owns 2 of, and the third is owned by Douwe Dabbert (a Dwarf), this is much smaller (model backpack/knapsack). The magic of these bags is reflected among other things in the following ways:
A. That you can put everything you want in that sack, without him ever be full. You can do this without thereby increasing the sack. Therefore Santa's Christmasbag will always fit in his sleigh.
B. The bag will give back the things you have tucked in there at the time that you need them. So when Santa wants suitable gifts for (for example) Jack, then all he needs to do is to put his hand in the sack, and pick-up what he feels and take his hand out again, and Presto, there are indeed the gifts for Jack. In this way he will never lose time searching for the right gifts and Jack will always get exactly what he wanted or what he really needed.
C. If someone else as the rightfull owner will look or grab in the sack, then he will see nothing or just find unusable junk.

Santa does only need to have the present for 1 trip (North-South-South-North) in his Christmas-bag (something for which the Elfs extremely carefully check the list, they will do multiple checks!)
And Santa does only need only 1 sack on his trip every time. Once Santa has left with his sleigh, the Elfs fast as lightning and super carefully will fill the other sack and then put it in the 2nd sleigh, so all this is standing ready for Santa when he comes back from one of the trips. Santa lands his empty sleigh, moves over to the full sleigh with a fresh reindeer-team and away he goes again. This goes on, all Christmas Eve and Christmas night until Santa has delivered his parcels in all time zones.

069. How can Santa visit all boys and girls in the world visit and deliver all presents in just one night?

To find the answer, you need to take 4 things into consideration:
A. The world-time is divided in different time zones. Santa does start each trip on the North Pole. And the Northpole is one of the only two places on Earth where all time zones converge and that therefore are present in each time zone. So changing the time zone on the North Pole (or on the South Pole), would Santa cost less then a second, and if he does change them in a direction against the rotation of the Earth then that gives him with each timezone change an hour extra time. So the timezones help because when he does travels against the time displacement, it gives him more time to bring all the gifts in one night. To be precise, measuring by out time he then does have almost 2 evenings and 2 nights .... This is because as the day is on one side of the world, then it's night on the other side. ... So he first delivers the packets in the time zones on one side of the world (where it is dark) and afterwards in the time zones on the other side of the world where it is nighttime then, so he don't have just the 8 hours of one night to do it all. You understand? In the answer one one of the first questions we told you that there was another reasons why Santa in December does live on (near by) the Northpole. Well, this is thus the other reason why Santa in december (and so on Christmas Eve) does live at the North Pole. So he can use this Timezone effect.
B. So as we all know, is a straight line the shortest path between 2 points. That is why Santa travels not just randomly from place to place (the one in the East, the next in the West, then a in the South and then again in the West etc), but he plans his route from the Northpole all the time North to South (or from South to North as he passed the South Pole), he does remain in 1 time zone until he is on the South Pole (which is the second place on the Earth that is in all time zones). There he goes to the next time zone (think of the hour time savings) and takes in that timezone the route to the North, to the North Pole.
At the North Pole awaits him than a new equipped team of strong and lightning-fast reindeer and a new sleigh with a sack full of presents, he moves to the other sleigh and chooses the next timezone (hour profit!) and then it goes again in full speed southward. And so it goes for nearly 24 hours.

Santa's flight around the world

C. And on these trips Santa does not visit all children personally, for many children he does not necessarily have to come in, because they know that they would be in sleep anyway and that they therefore not would notice him. There it is sufficient enough if he just throws the packets through the chimney. Inside the house the House kobold will ensures that they do come on the right place(s) (And else the Elf-magic will take care of that). Not visiting the children in person, but just throwing the presents in the chimney saves also a lot of time.
D. And yes, thanks to the magic flyingpowder the rendieren can fly faster as the soundspeed, and that helps also ofcourse.
070. How do Santa and the reindeer stay awake during the long Christmas Eve and Christmas night?

Santa's reindeer sleep at night in Polar City, so they can do their training during the day – because above all they need to have a very good condition to be able to pull the sleigh during the long travels on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night! The day before Christmas Eve, they have a custom schedule so they can rest and sleep as much as possible. And Santa and the Elfs do check out the reindeer to make sure that they are 100% fit and ready for the long Flying trip.

In addition, does Santa take with him oats and water for them, what they get when he takes a dive in a chimney, so they don't get hungry or thirsty and will stay full of energy. Ofcourse do the reindeer also rest for a while during such a short stop, otherwise you would hear them moving on the roof.
Every time when Santa at the North Pole returns, the other reindeerteam is refreshed, standing ready with the other sleigh fully loaded. Santa lands, the Elfs take care of the tired reindeer and the empty sleigh, Santa gets some refreshments, steps into the other sleigh, changes to another timezone and off it goes again.

071. Does bad weather makes it harder for Santa to drive with his sleigh?

Against the cold, snow and rain Santa can dress up himself. Also has he, if necessary, protective covers for the reindeer, so that kind of weather is no problem at all. But the storms and gusts make the sleigh swing very much and than it is very difficult to throw the parcels exactly in the correct chimney or to land save on the right roof. If it's really neccessary then he can always use a little Elf-magic. And of course, in high winds and storm, does Santa use a safety belt to.

072. What does Santa if there is no snow?

In many places on the Earth there is never snow around Christmas time, that has Santa never stopped from to coming there. Mind you for flying he does not need no snow. Only for the landing and the 'Lift-off' the sleigh must slide a little, sometimes the roofs and the ground are smooth enough by themselfs, If they are not then Santa use the Elf-magic for a little bit local snow, just enough for the sleigh to lift off. Maybe you did see it some time on a early Christmas morning, the streets and the gardens without any snow, but yet on one rooftop a small track of snow.

073. How does Santa handle the differences in climate and heat between northern winters and southern summers?

High in the air in the cold zones he does wear a thick warm cloak over his suit, When it gets warmer then he takes the coat off and stores it under the bench of his sleigh.

074. Did Santa in his sleigh rides ever come close to a collision with an aircraft?

No, Never! He can hear those noisy things come from afar and gives them on time enough space to pass. There are, however, sometimes pilots who do scare if they see something disappear in the distance, which did not seems to be an airplane. That's how you get an UFO report again.

Santa meets an UFO
075. How can Santa Claus find me, when we are not at home with Christmas?
For example, if we stay with relatives or when we are on a Christmas vacation?
And what happens when we just did move?

All Elfs and Gnomes all over the world help Santa, so also the Gnome(s) that lives hidden in your house or in the house from one of your neighbours. He keeps Santa well informed over everythings that happen in his neighborhood, so he also reports that you are not at home and he reports straight away where you are then.
Has your father or your mother said to you that they have sent Santa a message? Well then they have that problem fixed. Then Santa dis hear it already from 2 sides.
They have said that they would send a message to Santa and now you are worried that they have forgotten it by all that hustle and bustle? Yes, that happens indeed sometimes. And now you're afraid there is no Gnome lives in your neighborhood that could give Santa the info? Well you can count on it that there is one. But imagine it's not so, then there's always another Gnome near at the address where you are going to. And who did sent a message to Santa that you will be in his neighborhood. Problem fixed. And what if that Gnomes has sit sleeping? Then there are the animals near your house or near the address where you are going to. Animals do note every thing that is happening around them! And they make sure that there is a Gnome that does reports it to Santa. So which way ever, Santa does get his Info's on time!
Really, Santa can't remember ever not knowning where the presents for the children should go to. Not even when parents did want to recieve them on 2 different addresses, e.g. their own address and one address from grandparents.

076. How does it go when my parents are divorced and I will be on 2 places with Christmas?
(for example, Christmas day with one parent and boxing day with the other parent?)

This is basically the same as in the previous question. If the parents know where they like the gifts to be deliverd, then Santa know that too (almost instantly!) It doesn't matter if they want it to be on 1 or 2 or even 3 addresses. Only when the parents are in a quarrel and are argueing about everything (and therefore also about this), yes then it can sometimes (very rarely) happen that Santa does not exactly know what to do with the presents. Then it can happen indeed that you get no presents or just very few presents on Christmas Eve. But Note! Santa wil get a message about that from the Gnomes and then he will brings the gifts (or the rest of the gifts) quickly to the home of the grandparents, or to one of the aunts and uncles or to one of the neighbors, and then, through a small detour, and maybe somewhat later, you will still get your presents.
Sometimes they even are there already on Christmas Eve waiting for you. Then Santa did get a message of those Grandpa and Grandma, aunt or uncle, or those neighbors. And sometimes in those cases there is even an extra present for you, to help against all the sadness that such a separation and the quarelling brings.

a House Gnome
077. Can children from Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, or other believes also get a visit or gifts from Santa Claus?

Yeah sure they can, if their parents approve it.

078. How does Santa come up and down our chimney?

He puts his left index-finger along the left side of his nose and gives with these finger than a gentle nudge against his nose and down through the chimney he goes. He puts his right index-finger along the right side of his nose and gives with these finger than a gentle nudge against his nose and up through the chimney he goes. This is a very usefull Elf-magic, don't you think?

Santa gaat schoorsteen in
079. How does Santa come inside when our house has no chimney?

Well, there are people who say that Santa does use some of his special magic to let temporarily a chimney appear, same kind of chimney as your house would have if it had been built in the middle ages. And that Santa than can enter and leave through that chimney, or that he than just use it for the packets. At that when he leaves your house that chimney then does disappear again.
Other people say that Santa has a silver key that fits on every door. Simmilair to the one that Jeroen has in the dutch book "Jeroen en the zilveren sleutel" (translation: Jeroen and the silver key). So that he can get open every lock.
And then there are people who say that the Gnome who lives in your house has long since built an invisible and undetectable chimney, that is visible only to Santa, Elfs and Gnomes. Santa then can use this chimney.
And you know what? They all have it right! It does happen that way very often.
But there is another much easier way. Often it is the Gnome who lives with you or it is one of your pets that helps Santa to come inside. They than open the door, or a window, for him, or if necessary, they even can open the dog hatch for the presents.

080. What if there is still a fire burning in the hearth or stove, because we forgot to make it out?

Santa Claus let the Elf magic temporarily deaf or freeze the fire, (Santa says: Bring it asleep), he delivers safely the presents, and on his departure the fire will burn again (wake up again). To our question how the Elvish magic does this, said Santa: "For everything is a time and it is not yet the time to give this secret away"

081. Why do some children get thick and expensive gifts and do other children get smaller ones?
Why does he give American children expensive large gifts, but does he give nothing to African children?

Santa Claus prefers to give small fun gifts (e.g. toys) or things that the child really needs (e.g. a pullover). But sometimes there are rich parents who feel that their child has deserved a big present. They buy it themself and they are asking Santa if he who would rap it in, and than put it in the sock or under the Christmas tree. Usually Santa is willing to do so, but he finds that they than also have to buy some presents for poor children so that he can bring something more to those children also. So now you know, that those expensive gifts are bought by the parents or grandparents! That is also one of the reasons that Santa does bring the children in Africa no expensive toys, their parents simple cannot pay them. A second reason is that those kids can do nothing with an electric rail train, for example, if there is no electricity at all in their whole village!! The third reason is that Santa likes to give things that are needed. For example, a waterpump for the whole village he does find more important there as toys for a few children. But if Santa would have a waterpump to give to such a village (We have said before that Santa is not rich, so he has to get stings through sponsorship), then he will really not wait until Christmas to bring him, but he does arrange that pump will be there as soon as possible. Because these things are very strong needed there. Very often Sant does arrange it so, that some rich families together buy the Pump (as extra gift for Santa's help with their big presents, and that another family is paying for the shipment of the pump.
Do the kids there then get nothing? Sure they get toys, but the simple toys that they ask for, rich children do often no longer recognize them as toys anymore. They would quickly call that clutter and ask themself what they should with it. Lon time ago. the children in our culture used to be very pleased with and very proud of their new wooden clappers (kind of musical instrument), now they would be wondering "what am I supposed to do with those 2 pieces of wood?" So the kids in Africa really get gifts from Santa and also gifts where they really really happy with.

082. What does Santa think as he comes down the chimney and there already is a load of gifts under the Christmas tree?

Nothing special! Thanks to the excellent Elfs and Gnomes-intelligence (EGI) Santa know these things in advance, and therefore he has adjusted his visit (or no visit) in advance. Also the number of how many packs he has to brings is adjusted in advance. And do you remember it yet, how it goes with the magical Christmas sack? Santa can only take the thing(s) that is/are needed out the Christmas sack! So if here is no need for extra presents, then Santa will get no extra presents from the sack.

Cadeaus bij de schoorsteen
083. Does Santa always brings exactly that what I did asked for?

Sometimes Santa does think that what you did ask would not be the best gift for you, then he does give you something of which you, after a while, would have a lot more fun or a lot more use for.

084. What does Santa do when the parents of a child have bought no presents for their child or if they do not have the money for presents?

Isn't that exactly the reason why there is a Santa Claus? He brings gifts (toys and useful business) to the poor and if he can some delicious food and sometimes (if he has it) even some money.
And Santa does try to make sure that such a family is also helped by others, and this help will endure for a long period of time. For example, one of the companies that sponsor him maybe does have a job for those poor parents.

Santa 's sack
085. What does Santa do when a child really hate his just received present?

He does not understand why the parents did purchase that item. Because for the magic of the Christmas sack, it would never come out of his Christmas sack.
He would tell the HouseGnome to leave small notes everywhere for parents to find, in which he give the sugestion to exchange the gift in at the store where they bought it. Usually this helps. Therefore parents may never say to the child that Santa would be sad if the child wants to exchange it, infact it would make Santa really sad if it did not get exchanged.

086. What happens if the child where he has presents for, in fact was naughty and then really naughty?

If that child was before Christmas Eve all really very, very naughty and and in the meanwhile does has no regrets, then Santa would not even come to bring him no presents. If the child was naughty was just before Santa's arrival, then Santa would talk to him about why it did happen, if it turns out that he was sorry and that he does promise never to do it again, then he still gets his presents. A Child that recrets that is was naughty, gets a place on Santa's Nice-list.
But if he was Naughty and does not regret it, then Santa goes away again without giving him any present.

087. What does he do with children who do not believe in him?

At first he is very sad, but if the parents or grandparents of the children ask him to come and bring presents, then he will do that though. He can hardly punnish the (Grand) parents, who do believe, for the disbelief of their (Grand) children. Sometimes he does put a letter to the presents for those children, in which he asks them to explain clearly why they don't believe in him. And he also asks what must happen so that they will believe in him. And then he does say in the letter, that if they really really don't believe in him, that they then should give away the presents to other childeren, because you can not get presents from someone who does not exist. Most of the children who get such a letter, than discover that they actually do believe in him.

Santa gaat schoorsteen in
088. What is Santa's advice to parents who are bringing up children?

Be honest with them, Hold them clearly back if they want to do something that should not be done or cannot be done, but above all, reward them, give them a compliment if they do something good. Positive stimulation is better if negative stimulation. And give them the space to make their own minor mistakes every now and then, sometimes they learn more from their own mistakes, then from a warning for those glitches. And do not say afterwards: "I did already told you so". That works negatively and damages their confidence (as of: I surely can do anything right), but be ready, after they realize that it was a mistake, with help and encouragement to repair the damage, or to do it over again etc. That teaches them that you also can repair a mistake, and therfore this is good for their confidence, they learn that they can rely on their parents, so they feel safer and more comfortable with their parents and they will learn also that parents sometimes can say on forehand if something is good or not. That means they come sooner asking advice by difficult questions, and that in turn means that they are going to make less mistakes. And that is exactly what parents want to achieve or is it not? And in this way you achive it without coercion.

089. Who is buying presents for Santa? Does Santa get presents with Christmas or with his birthday?

"Oh ... he gets with a whole bunch of small and funny Christmas presents from the Elfs, the Gnomes, and from Mrs. Claus and of his friends and acquaintances and family of former Santa's" said one of Santa's oldest Elfs. "That ranges from a small drawing or a nice piece of candy or a piece of wood carving to a new tie or a pair of new socks or a beautiful book etc. Those presents lay on Boxing day all under the Christmas tree waiting for him ". (Because on Christmas morning Santa usually creeps in his bed to sleep of from his tiring night flights.
"Santa is always very happy with all those little and funny gifts" told the Elf us also, "for Santa find thate gifts given from the heart are the most fun. Be aware of this if you ever want to buy a present for someone (whether it be for Christmas or any other occasion is doesn't matter)."
and of course does Santa on december 5, always get a gift from Saint Nicholas.
And on his birthday (that is on the beginning of the advent, because that also the beginning of his 'being Santa'), he also gets presents, Santa does get lots of funy, nice and/or useful gifts. Some he gets with the intention that he pass them on to children, but that does Santa find great fun, then you have 3 times fun of a gift. He says: "Getting it yourself is the first fun, second fun is in giving, and the 3rd fun is when you see how happy a child is with it."
"But the most beautiful gift" told us Mrs. Claus, "is if there is a Jingle Bell in his Christmas tree that tinkles, because that means that somewhere in the world someone has done a good deed."
During our research we have found very many people who do believe that if such a Bell tinkles, that than a new guardian angel gets its wings. Maybe because that Guardian Angel has brought someone to do a good deed?

Santa krijgt cadeaus
090. Does Santa really eat all the cookies and drink all the milk the children do leave for him?

Oh No! He never does eat and drink all of them! Occasionally he does eat and drink a little bit of it, but most of it he takes along for the Gnomes. They are crazy for milk and cookies. Normally the Gnomes always get a cup of milk and some biscuits during their work breaks. Those cookies are baked by Mrs. Claus and a few Gnomes. But there is a special Gnomes party on Boxing Day, where Mrs. Claus herself never can bake enough cookies for, so the extra biscuits Santa does can bring are more then welcome.
The only time in the year when the Gnomes may eat as many cookies as they want is on Boxing Day. Then they have their Great Gnomes Cookie Eat Contest. There are Several Leagues, 1 for the Girls, 1 for the Boys, 1 for female adult Gnomes, 1 for male adult Gnomes, 1 for elderly female Gnomes and 1 for elderly male Gnomes. The game is to at as much cookies as you can within 15 minutes time. During this Leagues Santa is sitting in his chair on one side in the great Hall, to unpack his presents, while on the other side of the Hall the Gnomes keep the Great Gnomes Cookie Eat contest, this is a contest in which allmost all Gnomes do participate. And Santa has definitely just as much fun viewing the games as he has from unpacking his presents.
The best five eaters in every League may participate in the final round. This round is not on time but one has to eat as much cookies as one can,and the number of cookies eaten in their leagues do also count. The one who did eat the most cookies overall is the winner of the contest and does get the title 'Great Cookie Eater of the Year' and a medal with that text on a long goldcoloured ribbon, and he does proudly wear it all year long ...
So therefore are all cookies the children do leave for Santa are very welcome, and the milk is needed to flush away all those cookies during the eating, so that is also very welcome. It actually doesn't matter the Gnomes very much what kind of cookies they are, they really like all kinds of cookies, but we can confirm that cookies with chocolate are favorite!
Most Elfs don't like cookies very much, they prefer things like honey and blackberries, in fact Santa does also. And the reindeer may not have these cookies, that's not good for their stomachs, They would rather have something like a carrot.
So now you know what happens with the cookies and you learned what you can leave for the Elfs and/or the reindeer.

091. What is Santa's favorite food than? And what doesn't he eat?

Santa's favorite food is:
starter: Pea soup or Chinese tomato soup, main course: Bami pangang, Swedestew (kohlrabistew) or Christmaschicken with French fries, dessert: Christmas pudding with whipped cream. Mrs. Claus always makes this for the Christmas season and on Santa his birthday.
Usually on Christmas day they eat Chinese tomato soup, then the Bami pangang and a Christmas puding. At boxing day they eat pea soup, then Chicken with French fries and another Christmas pudding, and then the first few days after Christmas they have the remains from the both Christmas day and Boxing day together with Swedestew. For Santa it is just a week-long feast.
Reindeer meat or penquin chopstick, however, he will never eat.

092. Does Santa go on holiday and where does he go?

Yes, Santa does go on holiday, we do have evidence of that, but where he does go? No one would tell us.

Santa op vakantie
093. What is Santa's favorite Christmas song?

The song that says exactly what Santa finds of December: "It's the most wonderfull time of the year".

094. What does Christmas mean to Santa?

It should remind us of all good things, to the love that is in all people and to the hope and the faith that we on this globe can live in peace and prosperity. And that we must begin with our children to learn that it is often more important to take care for your fellow man to than to always take care just for yourself.
If we want to get back to the true meaning of Christmas, spreading love and appreciation for each other, we will have to let go the idea that it is all about ourselves.
Altruism is the ability to do something for other people without expecting anything in return. That means also not expect someone will love you because you did give him or her a little gift. Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) are thus examples of altruism, as they give gifts without a wanting you to be fund of them or to send them a personal "thank you" note.
That means that we have to focus on the message of Christmas, namely:
your fellow man is your equal, whether he is a child or an outcast and is entitled to your appreciation.
You do not have to show that appreciation in the form of gifts, but for example in the fact that you take the time for others without expecting anything in return.
So not:
This year will I organize the Christmas party if you will do it the next year?
But :
I've been meaning to celebrate Christmas this year. Who wants to join?

095. Would Santa rather have a White Christmas, or rather a Christmas without snow?

For his tours around the world it makes no different to Santa, he comes everywhere, even there where there is no snow. And people may also feel free to remove fallen snow if they want, he permits everyone their personal preferences. But if Santa did not like a White Christmas, he would not spend Christmas at the North Pole.

Santa in Africa
096. If Santa would like to change one thing concerning Christmas, what would it be?

That there would be no more poverty and hunger and no more loneliness, actually thus that people would feel the "Spirit of Christmas" all year long and to act to that feeling all year long.

097. If Santa had a wish for the whole world, what would it be?

That there would be no more poverty and hunger and no more loneliness, actually thus that people would feel the "Spirit of Christmas" all year long and to act to that feeling all year long.

098. If Santa could choose a gift, what would he choose?

A gift that is not expensive, that last long without losing pieces, A gift is biodegradable, where you don't need batteries, that is both for boys and for girls and that is also for both children and adults is fun to play with, and on top of that all a gift where you can have just as much fun when playing with on your own as you would have when Playing with it with whole group.

099. What is Santa's own favorite toy?

A magical snow globe! When Santa does shake that snow globe and at the same time does say loud the name of a place on Earth, then when he has put the snowglobe down, he will see in the snow globe between the whirling snow the exact place he did mention. So if he, in mid-summer does shake the Snowglobe and says: "Madrid", then he sees in the Snowglobe a sunny Madrid in the whirling snow, he sees children in summer clothes that they have just bought an ice cream because of the heat and he sses the snow fall on their ice cream, and much more funny things. Santa always has the greatest fun as he plays with that snow globe.

Santa s magische Snowball
100. How does Santa think about technology?

Santa is for clean technology (actually a sleigh is a very simple form of clean technology, or not?), so Santa is for technology that is not harmful to the environment and he finds that it is this time to work on that.
Santa sure is against technology that is harmful to the environment.

101. Does Santa love the most the new computer-controlled toys or does he love more the traditional wooden toys?

Santa does love most the toys that fits to the child, that stimulates the child in its development, and that preferably contributes something to the standards and values of the child. If that then are wooden toys or computer-controlled toys, does depend on what fits the child the best.

102. What does Santa prefer to give toys, clothes or books?

Santa likes to provide that what the child needs or what the child wants (if that is possible). For example: A baby does not need to have 10 toys and not at all 10 booklets, so for a baby it would be 1 or 2 toys, a booklet and lots of clothes, but with an older child is that guite different than. Santa does really judge each situation on its own values. So there is no comprehensive standard answer to this question.

103. Does Santa himself also sends Christmas cards?

Yes, and that are more and more lately.

104. How can he send so many Christmas cards?

Many children send a message to Santa over the internet. The Post-Elfs do read those posts and reply to all. They mostly answer these posts also over the Internet, that way the kids get their answer almost immediately. Sometimes the Elfs in response to such a internet message send a real letter or a real card back. If the children themselves did send a real letter or a real aardp, then the Elfs of course do send a real letter or card back. In fact, most of the work is done by the Post-Elfs, for special things of course, they will call Santa to it. And of course most of the time does Santa reads all those messages and answers very quick before the internetposts, letters or cards with answers are send back.

Elf writing Christmas Cards
105. Is Santa very much concerned that he might have to move because of the warming of the world?

No, he isn't worried about the urge for moving, it will take more then a cpouple of year before that will become an item for him. Of course is he concerned about the greenhouse effect, because it will impact the entire earth.

And as a Bonus also added a few questions about both Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and Santa Claus.

111. Are Sinterklaas and Santa Claus one and the same? Because they are both called Saint Nicholas (Sankt Nikolaus)?

In the past Sinterklaas and father Christmas were not the same. But then some of the stories and some of the traditonns around Sinterklaas came to America and the people there called him Sankte Claes (old Dutch for Sinter Klaas). So Yes, Sinterklaas and Sankte Claes are the same. And when Father Christmas did retite his job in America, the Fairies wanted Saint Nicholas to take his place. So that first year in America the giftsbringer on Christmas was indeed Sinterklaas, therefore he got the name Sankte Claes .
But when the people there started to change the looks and the traditons of Sankte Claus more and more, no white horse anymore but a horse and carriage and later reindeer for a sleigh, no Mitre but a hat, no more presents on 5 or 6 december, but with the Christmas (See the Movie "Santa and Pete"), then Sinterklaas found it was time that one of his younger cousins, who stood in for him in America on several occasions, should take it over there in America. And Yes, that cousin also had the surname StNicolaas, in German is that Sankt Nikolaus or Sankte Claus. Hence the similarity in the names of Sinterklaas and Santa Claus.
Therefore they later adapted the working name of the Christmasbringer of gifts to "Santa Claus" and did the Fairies gave him gnomes and Elves as helpers. So you can know that they are now no longer one and the same. Santa Claus also got a new residence. First he stayd as a guest in the accommodation of Father Christmas in the forests in the North, then he got a home in the eternal ice on Greenland (where Santa Claus still lives according to the Danes) and Santa Claus later moved to a residence within the Northern Polar Circle.

112. Does Santa Claus know Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)?

Yes, Santa Claus is even a very good friend of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), they know each other for years and do also regularly visit eachother. Occasionally they even go on holiday together.

Santa Claus en Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) samen op vakantie aan de zee

113. Why does Santa Claus vist more countries as Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)?

Because Santa Claus was younger as Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), he was also linked to newer and faster transportation options. So rides Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) on one horse over rooftops and roads and through the streets, while Santa Claus flies through the air by Elfs magic in a by 8 reindeer pulled sleigh. To streets and roads do hear curves and angles, Up and down houses makes a track also longer, through the air you can go in a straight line (so shorter and faster) and 8 pulling animals (reindeer) are of course always faster as 1 mount, and then the Elfs magic does make a great different also, because flying is always faster as riding.
So Santa Claus can go faster around the world, that's the one reason he does visit more countries.
The other reason is that many countries have their own customs, and Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) just does like the old Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) traditions so very much. That is why the Saint has something like "If they want to do it differently, fine, then they may do so, no problem, but then also with another Visitor." Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) therefore is very happy that Santa Claus did take it over in those countries.

114. What does Santa Claus think of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)? Are they now competitors?

Santa Claus does mean that Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) does his job very well. And they are certainly not competitors. On the contrary, they are still very good friends and often they even do work together. Sometimes a gift asked from Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), that because of delivery problems was too late for StNicholas Eve (pakjesavond), was still delivered later by Santa Claus.
And sometimes a gift asked from Santa Claus where speed was needed, was already brought by the Saint so that it would be deliverd on time. For example, when someone who between 6 december and 25 december would move or when that the gift for other reasons should be delivered already before it was Christmas.

115. Should we now celebrate Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) or should we choose for Santa Claus?

Of course, Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) does prefer that in the Netherlands and Belgium the public do continue to celebrate the Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) festival and then with the real Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) traditions as much as possible.
Do people however prefer that Santa Claus does visit them, because that suits better for example by special circumstances, then that will not make Sint Nicholas sad or angry. He just hopes that the next time it will be his turn again.
For as far it does concern Santa Claus, he has the same opinion as Sint Nicholas, ofcourse he does prefer to be asked again in those countries he was asked before. But he has nothing against an occasional visit of Saint Nicholas and also nothing against a Sint Nicholas parade in (for example) a town with inhabitants from Dutch origin.

116a. May you also celebrate both Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and Santa Claus? And celebrate both St. Nicholas Eve and Christmas Eve?
116b. And may you ask presents from both of them?

If you want to celebrate Saint Nicholas his parade or Saint Nicholas Eve then nobody can forbid that. Christmas is about much more then just the presents of Santa Claus, so Christmas may always be celebrated naturly. So who is to stop you from celebrating themm both? In fact Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas are celebrating both themselves! The one by bringing presents to the children, the other by getting presents themselves from the other Giftsbringer.

Yes! Indeed there are parents who ask if both Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) as well as Santa Claus will bring their children presents. For example, with Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) a few small gifts and at Christmas some bigger presents, or the other way around.
Then Saint Nicholas (Saint Nicholas) and Santa Claus will deliberate together to arrange who will give what, so that the child would not get the same gift twice, that pitiful for that child.
But they both do watch also very carefully how much they each do give, so that this child will get not more presents as children where only Saint or Santa Claus, is bringing the presents, Becaus otherwise it would not be fair on those other kids.

Note: In this answer we do name Saint Nicholas before Santa Claus all the time, but that is only because his St.Nicholas parade and his Festival are dated each year before the Christmas Periode.

117. Who then is more important now, Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)?

As Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and Santa Claus both do say:
It is not a question of who is more important, it is also not a question of whom you are asking for presents. It is not even a question of from whom you do get your presents.
It is all about people learning again that it is important to think about others and to care for others. And it is about that children learn that they also are important and that they sometimes may get extras (time, attention, gifts) and then later as they are adults themselves that they also do think about others and give attention to children. That's the most important!

Santa Claus Mailing Addresses:

You can always try it with: "Santa Claus, North Pole", but it is never 100% sure that your letter will reach Santa (on time). Because to which country does the Northpole belong, so which postal service must bring it there?
Thats way there are the addresses in several countries, which you can use if you are living in those countries and does post your letter there.

In Canada, you can send your letter by the National Post to:

Santa Claus,
North Pole,
H0 H0 H0
(ho-zerol, ho-zero, ho-zero)
Santa Claus,
1 Reindeer Lane,
North Pole,
Santa Claus House,
101 St. Nicholas Drive,
North Pole,
Alaska 99705
If you want an answer back, then you must include an envelope with your own name and address and $ 6,00 postage for retour-sending.

In the USA, you can send your letter
by the USPS to:


In Great Brittain, you can send your letter
by the Royal Mail to:

Santa Claus,
P.O. Box 56099,
North Pole,
Alaska 99705
  Father Christmas (Santa Claus),
Santa's Grotto,
Reindeerland, North Pole,

In Germany, you can send your letter to 8 different addresses:

An den Weihnachtsmann,
St. Nikolaus,
66352 Großrosseln
An den Weihnachtsmann,
49681 Garrel
An den Weihnachtsmann,
51766 Engelskirchen
An den Weihnachtsmann,
In Himmelthür,
31137 Hildesheim
An den Weihnachtsmann,
16798 Himmelpfort
An den Weihnachtsmann,
21709 Himmelpforten
An den Weihnachtsmann,
97267 Himmelstadt
An den Weihnachtsmann,
99713 Himmelsberg

If you want to get an answer, then do not forget to include your own name and address and postage for retour-sending.
Even Santa Claus has to cut down on the costs nowedays.





Santa Claus,
Santa World,
S-Mora, Schweden,
N-1440 Drøbaks,
North Pole, 99705
Santa Claus Nordpolen,
Julemandens Postkontor,
DK-3900 Nuuke
Santa Claus,
CH-3000 Bethlehem,
If you want an answer back, then you must include an envelope with your own name and address and postage for retour-sending.

From out the hole world you can write also to the Official Post Office of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in Finland (1st address below)

and then there are still two 2 other addresses in Finland
SS-96100 Rovaniemi,
Santa Claus,
Santa Claus Village,
FIN-96930 Arctic Circle,
Santa Claus,
Santa's Main Post Office,

And here some Sites where you can write to Santa and get an answer (straigth away) back:

Send Santa your whishlist online and get an answer back straigth away.
Write online a message (wishlist) to Santa Claus and get an answer straigth away!

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