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Should we be now already booking Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus? Yes really do, because it's November/December before you know it!!

Also for a family with only adults, it is great fun to have the Saint and Petes or Santa Claus visiting you. While preserving the traditions, you can learn much about the more modern forms of their events!

Wat krijgt u:
A wonderful Saint Nicholas, in a costume that resembles that of the TV Saint, with beard (beard, wig, eyebrows and mustache) of real hair. Thus "the" real Saint.
And real and well dressed Petes. The Petes are (dark) brown made up and beautifully dressed in luxurious velvet Pete costumes.
And Santa Claus comes in a costume as you've seen only in the better American Christmas movies. Inappearing to be the real costume and in quality equal to the costume of the TV Saint. We regularly hear parents say against their children: "Look, that's the real Santa Claus!"

Each year Sinterklaas does arrive in the Netherlands on the first Saturday after Saint Martin (11 november), so in 2014 that is on saturday 15 november.
From then on (17 nov. after 1 pm) you can book the Saint en Petes again. And from december 7, can Santa Claus be booked again. We will be happy to visit you, but full = full, and that goes faster every year!!

Which days can you Book us?
In principle all days, but the experience has taught us that certain days fit better at the rhythm of the children.
Home visits and group visits (associations ed) to children preferably early in the evenings (e.g. Friday/Saturday evening) or on Wednesday afternoons or Sunday afternoons. Also, it can be on a Saturday afternoon If we are not already in action then in a Arrival or Parade ... AND ... if your child not have been to an Arrival/Parade that same day, too much is not good either.
And in the last week before 5 December of course on every evening.
School and hospital visits can of course be booked on every day of the week. That goes also for home visits to a sick child.
Arrivals and Parades etc. preferably on Saturday mornings/afternoons.
For shopping malls and Christmas markets this will usually be in the weekend, special shopping evenings/nights or on Wednesday afternoon or on an ordinary evening.
This format works best, that is also the reason why most organizations and people do so. But other options are also possible on request.

Do you require further information or want to see (more) pictures?
Would you like to book?
Please do contact us!

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Saint Ncholas and Santa Claus, Info- and Booking Center Westerkwartier