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We do give here some adresses of Colleagues where we do have a good relation with. Bij doing this, we do hope to make it possible for you to find a real Sint, Pete of Santa / Weihnachtsmann in a wider area, maybe even in Germany.


NCWE Nikolaus Christkind Weihnachtsmann Elf

Kai-Uwe Richter

Tharmannstraße 25, 59073 Hamm

Tel.: 0 23 81 95 66 3 99

Mobil: 0 17 06 22 86 00


Facebook: NCWE



The website is an initiative from private persons. The object with this site is to offer non commercial information about several aspects about the Histories of St Nicholas and Santa Claus and the believes and festivals around them and the customs belonging to those festivals. So parents and childeren will find it easier to keep the stories alive. And to make it possible to book a Saint or Santa, for families with less money.

Disclaimer about the info:
This website is only ment to give parents and childeren correct informations about Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. The informations on this site are put together most carefully. But it is possible still that some of our information is; -not complete, not according to present (or newer) info, or could be explained in diverent ways, or even seems to hold uncorrect facts. We take no responcebility for the Juristic correctness of the info we have presented here, nor fot the effects of the here presented info and products, and also not for eventual demage (direct or indirect) which did happendgeleden as a result from using our informations. Using our informations is complete for the risk of the user.

Disclaimer about the links:
On this site are several links to other Saint and Santa related websites. There are soly there to inform our users. We have no influence and co contol on these sites and their contents and therefore we taken no responcability for eventual damage, direct or indirect, which happend by using the info's, products or services on these sites.

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Site News

The Countdown (National Saint Nicholas Parade, Saint Nick's Eve (pakjesavond=presents-eve, And Christmas Eve) is extanded, and on the English pages in English ofcourse.
Due to many request, we will make an English version of this site.
We did change to another guestbook provider, and expect that this one will work without problems.
The English version of this website is completed.
On all pages you can swap between the Dutch and the English version. The swap wil give you the same page in the other Language.
We hope this is sufficient for the reader who requested for the English version.

NewAnd we are looking in for options to offer a Free Letters from Saint or Santa Service on our site insted of Linking to others. But the decision (and/or the results) will be made on a later time.

Saint and Santa, Info- and Booking Center "Westerkwartier"